Why Do You Need A Session Border Controller?


There are so many organizations in the world, which are adopting different VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions. With each new invention, there comes some kind of threat(s), and VoIP solutions are not an exception at all. There are so many known threats of VoIP that often take away the sleep of VoIP service providers. Thus, you need a solid mechanism to safeguard your VoIP network from all kinds of threats and hack attempts. As you must be knowing, VoIP works with the packets and signaling as well as signal modification. Thus, a normal firewall cannot be capable enough to safeguard your VoIP network. In fact, the most advanced firewall can fail to protect this network or can interrupt its working model. Thus, you need another mechanism that provides the concrete mechanism to secure the VoIP network as well as ensures to maintain the quality of the VoIP packets that pass through it. The solution is a session border controller system which is more commonly known as an SBC Solution.

As the name suggests, the session border controller system works on the session level for each VoIP packet and signal. Moreover, it sits on the border of the network, and checks each individual packet, and signal entering into or leaving out of the VoIP network of the enterprise. It provides the highest level of security to an enterprise. It will prevent you from all types of possible threats and hack attempts. To name a few, below is the list of known threats for any VoIP network:

  1. DOS (Denial of Service)
  2. DDoS (Destructive Denial of Service)
  3. Toll frauds

To receive all benefits of the stated session border controller system, you must have a good company that can offer you the best SBC solution. Ecosmob Technologies is one of the known companies in this field. The company offers various services which include:

  1. SBC design to design a custom security mechanism that can fit in your current VoIP network
  2. SBC Software development to develop custom software for you
  3. SBC configuration service to setup and install the session border controller system with your existing system

The company has experience of 9+ years in this field and can offer you the best possible solution. To know the SBC software development offering of the company or to discuss your requirement, drop an email to sales@ecosmob.com