MVNO Billing Solution Development

Differentiate your business with unique value propositions and customer-centric offerings of MVNO billing solutions. Ensure a path to profitability with multi-level billing models and credit caps.

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    What is an MVNO Billing Solution?

    MVNO billing solution is a next-generation billing solution. It includes software and processes that enable MVNOs to manage customer accounts, bill the services, plans, subscription models, and process payments. These solutions typically include features such as rating and charging for usage, managing customer accounts and payment processing, and generating invoices and financial reports.

    Key Elements of MVNO Billing Solutions

    Rating and Charging – Mechanisms for rating customer usage and charging them accordingly. It involves applying tariffs or pricing plans based on usage volume, time of day, and geographic location.

    Customer Management – Managing customer accounts, including onboarding new customers, modifying customer profiles, and managing customer preferences.

    Payment Processing – Flexible payment options, including credit cards, direct debit, and mobile payments.

    Invoicing and Reporting – Customer invoices, including reports and analytics, to track usage and revenue over time.

    Ecosmob customizes all the components of MVNO billing solutions to meet the specific needs of MVNO. You also get features such as fraud detection, customer self-service portals, and customer service tools.

    MVNO Billing Solutions Features

    Waiting means losing the game. Get the Ecosmob tailored MVNO billing system
    today for a hassle-free bill-processing experience. 


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      Establishing a network subscription

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      Subscriber services such as SMS capability, network top-ups, balance checks, and customer support

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      SIM inventory, real-time balance top-ups

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      Full support to progress and becoming an MVNE

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      Handling invoicing and payments for customer services

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      Flexible rates for different customers, such as retail and wholesale businesses

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      Custom provisioning of each customer

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      Modules for 3G, 4G, and 5G

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      Provisioning for value-added services like SMS, video, and fax over IP

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      Repository of subscriber data, voice call switching, and data switching integrations

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      Multiple currency support and tax support

    Benefits of MVNO Billing Solutions

    • Lower operating expenses while increasing yields
    • Save time and money with simple integration with third-party apps
    • Be more competitive and develop new business sectors.
    • Launch new projects more swiftly and shorten the time to market
    • Reduce your total cost of ownership by 200-300 %
    • Get a tailor-made MVNO billing platform design 
    • Cut launch times and new service delivery dates by 50%

    Why Ecosmob Best for MVNO Billing System?

    Ecosmob offers MVNO billing platform, a comprehensive and
    agile solution to handle billing requirements.

    Billing expertise and accuracy

    Next-generation services with module and service-wise billing and accuracy.

    Out-of-the-box solution

    Get a customized MVNO billing solution that fits your current business model.

    Years of Expertise In Telecom

    15 + years of industry expertise in offering complete billing management solutions.

    Seamless Integration

    Easy integration with CRM, IVR, usage metering, and subscriber billing. CDRs-based report generation and deep analysis of expenses.

    Robust Security

    Up-to-date solution with easy mechanisms for upgrades to FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) and SOTA (Software-Over-The-Air).

    Simple Billing & Costing

    Granular and flexible billing, authentication, payment collection, credit validation, and dynamic rating.

    Bifurcation Through Modules

    A range of modules per demand- customer management modules, service provisioning, real-time charging, branch billing, and CDR file mediation.


    MVNOs can use various billing models, including contract or no-contract, fixed-rate or usage-based, and pre-paid or post-paid.

    Yes, MVNOs can create their internal billing solutions, but this involves a lot of knowledge and resources.

    MVNOs can prevent fraud in their billing systems by using anti-fraud tools such as real-time monitoring, transaction analysis, and risk-based authentication.

    Emerging trends in MVNO billing include integrating billing systems with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, applying AI and machine learning for fraud detection and predictive analytics, and using blockchain technology for secure, decentralized billing.

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