Embrace VoIP Testing

Implementing VoIP testing can help remove network congestion
and integrate it with the backend providing robust support using
various Testing Management tools.

VoIP Testing

Common Challenges In VoIP Testing

Since there is packet loss, jitters, and VoIP latency, testers must thoroughly test the VoIP solutions before deploying them on the internet. Without proper VoIP testing, it may be a challenge to realize the roadblocks your customers are facing while making VoIP calls. These loopholes may be time-consuming for your IT and support staff littering multiple VoIP calling issues.

The trend of WFH has emerged; it is essential to test VoIP comprehensively to prevent any hazards while making calls. The standardization of one network fit-it-all is no longer prevalent since every employee uses a distinct network. Therefore, the telecom industry must exhaustively gauge the VoIP network for different service providers to deliver extensive solutions. As VoIP calls are made using internet, it is mandatory to have a robust bandwidth and sufficient upload/download speed to provide high-quality calls.

How VoIP Testing Works

VoIP testing follows STLC for different activities performed during the testing process. In the elementary stages of testing, while
the product is still being developed, the testing team lays the ground for scope of testing, entry and exit criteria, and test cases.
VoIP testing is a crucial testing element set in motion as soon as the development process is over.

A few elements for which VoIP testing is done are:

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    Devices not making calls

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    Inconsistent audio

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    No sound after the call connects

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    Phone not ringing after making calls

What VoIP Testing Services We Deliver

At Ecosmob, we assist you in comprehending your network configuration within minutes. Our development team does unit testing to
ensure everything is in its place and the apps are good to test in the STLC phase. To have the best possible VoIP experience, you
can comply with our seasoned VoIP testing services. We also perform smoke testing to gauge the essential health of the app and if it
is suitable for further testing. The test cases measure the various scenarios where the app’s functionality is checked, and if any test
case fails bug tracking tool tracks bugs and repairs the app.

Ensure Product Quality With
Our VoIP Testing Services

Deliver maximum output with our service for your clients.

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    Seamless communication internally and externally.

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    Assess if your internet connection can support the advised quality requirements from a VoIP service provider.

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    A broad array of industries save money and stay contemporary with a VoIP phone system.

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    With the quality test, estimate the predicted voice quality of your calls.

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    Optimize your network and enforce a VoIP phone system all by same provider.

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    Proactively monitor latency, noise, and distortion from your VoIP phone service.