VoIP Quality Testing

VoIP quality testing is a phenomenon of assessing a VoIP system’s audio quality and reliability. It is a crucial process for maintaining smooth VoIP communications.

Uninterrupted communication is the prerequisite for a positive user experience. However, there are instances when VoIP phone systems encounter issues like drop calls, latency, and jitter that hampers call quality. While communication is the lifeline of any business, such roadblocks give a bitter user experience. VoIP testing provides a clear picture of VoIP issues and offers robust support by removing these network congestion factors.

VoIP Testing

Why Do You Need VoIP Testing?

On average, a sales team can lose up to 60% of its clients if a call is not answered in less than a minute. If the reason for such a delay is a faulty VoIP connection, it can be a grave problem. No business can afford to imagine such a scenario. To avoid any such issue, the role of  VoIP testing comes into play. VoIP Quality Testing gauges all the internal and external factors affecting VoIP call quality and its capabilities. 

VoIP solution providers then take necessary corrective action to address the issues. VoIP testing is an integral step in the smooth functioning of the VoIP system.

How Does VoIP Testing Work?

VoIP testing is a step-by-step process of evaluating network performance for seamless communication. It involves testing- the network, audio quality, call setup, network capacity/ bandwidth, and packet loss. These specialized tools provide detailed metrics on packet loss, delay, jitter, and other network performance indicators. The testing team then lays the ground for troubleshooting VoIP service issues by identifying network performance issues.

A few elements for which VoIP testing is done are:

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    Devices not making calls

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    Inconsistent audio

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    No sound after the call connects

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    Phone not ringing after making calls

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    Packet Loss

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Why Ecosmob VoIP Testing

At Ecosmob, we assist you in analyzing your network capabilities and looming roadblocks.
Our VoIP testing services run multiple tests, from Unit testing in the STLC phase to smoke testing.
We deliver proactive measures, fix the potential issues of the VoIP phone system, and ensure it renders smooth services.

What Do We Offer?

 Our VoIP Testing Services Ensure Product Quality

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    Reliable and uninterrupted quality call.

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    Analyze your current internet connection to see if it fulfills the quality requirements of a VoIP service provider.

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    Save a massive cost while staying contemporary with a VoIP phone system.

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    With the quality test, estimate the predicted voice quality of your calls.

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    Optimize your network and enforce a VoIP phone system all by the same provider.

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    Proactively monitor your VoIP phone service’s latency, noise, and distortion.


VoIP quality test is essential for several reasons:

  • Measures the strength of your internet connection to handle VoIP services.
  • It helps in getting the right VoIP system for the business.
  • Evaluates the performance of VoIP services from the users' perspective.

Issues like latency, packet loss, and jitter cause poor VoIP call quality. Insufficient bandwidth to handle many VoIP calls also makes VoIP quality poor and results in a bitter user experience.

You can check the VoIP issues with the help of able VoIP testers. These VoIP testers analyze the quality of VoIP services and find all other possible loopholes, such as VoIP speed tests, jitter, and packet loss.

You can examine the overall health of your network connection using the VoIP quality test. It assists you in determining whether your current phone system is sufficient to support an upgrade. VoIP tests specific attributes, such as bandwidth, jitter, or latency. Falling short of these minimum requirements indicates it's time to switch service providers or look for VoIP systems that more effectively satisfy your company's needs.