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If you have a small business and you are looking for flexible, scalable, and cost-effective VoIP solutions. We provide all types of small business VoIP solutions to help businesses stay competitive, enhance the customer experience and drive growth. 

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    What is Small Business VoIP?

    Just like large enterprises, small businesses also require a unified platform to better serve their customers. VoIP for small businesses allows companies to make voice calls, and send SMS, or text messages via the Internet. 

    With small business VoIP services, businesses can improve call flows and get real-time insights into their overall performance. Without incurring high costs, small businesses can enjoy various advanced VoIP call features like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call forwarding, auto attendant, analytics and reporting, integration with other business tools, and more.

    Small Business VoIP Features

    Ecosmob provides a unified platform for small businesses to help them manage communications and customer interactions easily and efficiently.
    Some of the key features of VoIP services for small businesses include-

    Interactive Voice Response

    Directs callers to a professional, automated menu to receive the right response to their query or concern. It also allows teams to answer calls remotely, thereby helping to maintain a professional presence.

    Call Forwarding

    Now you don’t have to be present in the office to receive important communication. You can forward calls to any number and stay connected from anywhere, anytime.

    Easy Integration

    VoIP functions can be integrated easily into various business communication tools, eliminating the extra effort and need to handle separate applications.

    Audio/Video Conference Solution

    Audio and video conferencing solutions can improve user productivity globally and enhance collaboration.

    Auto Attendant

    The auto attendant feature allows easy and effective handling of calls all day. It allows you to answer and route all incoming calls based on pre-defined rules.

    Call Analytics

    Collect and analyze real-time customer insight using the call analytics feature. You can analyze various insights like call session metrics, behavioral trends, agent performance, etc.

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    Benefits of Small Business VoIP Systems

    The right small business VoIP system can help businesses gain greater flexibility and customization options to meet all their ever-growing business requirements. There are several benefits of switching to VoIP services for small businesses-

    • Reduced Business Phone Costs- Since small businesses need not rely on phone lines, they can save a lot on operational and calling costs.
    • Superior Call Quality- Just with a robust internet connection and adequate bandwidth, small businesses can experience excellent call quality. 
    • Advanced Features- Small business VoIP systems usually consist of various advanced features that help in offering outstanding customer experience and enhancing overall business performance.
    • Improved Security- A properly configured VoIP phone system helps small businesses in creating a more secure system.
    • Support Remote and Hybrid Working Model- One of the biggest benefits of VoIP for small businesses is that it supports the remote and hybrid working model. It means, the staff can have the facility to work from anywhere.

    Why Choose Ecosmob as Your Small Business VoIP Solution Partner

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      Our strong sense of identification digs in-depth into your requirements and delivers resonating solutions.
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      We aim for turnkey solutions built from scratch.
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      We are a leading VoIP solutions provider with several awards under our belt.
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      With over a decade of experience, we know technology thoroughly and have a team of VoIP solutions experts.
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      Our model includes cost-effective, high-quality solutions that stand in the top echelon of similar apps.
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      Ecosmob believes in delivering projects on time and is highly punctual and professional.


    Yes, a VoIP phone system is an excellent solution for small businesses. It gives better flexibility and scalability options to the businesses, allowing them to add or remove lines as per their business requirements. 

    Different businesses have different requirements. It is not necessary that a system that fits a particular business will be the best for others as well. Therefore, it is important to choose a VoIP phone system that offers all the features and benefits that you require to stay ahead of your competition. 

    There are so many things involved when considering the cost of a VoIP phone system. It all depends on the type of provider you choose, features, and other things like ongoing costs, maintenance costs, service fees, etc.

    There is no doubt that a small business can save a lot by switching to a VoIP phone system. It usually depends on the factors like the size of the business, existing system, scalability requirements, etc. In general, a business can save between 30% and 50% by adopting a VoIP system. 

    Small business VoIP systems are quite easy to set up. Businesses need not hire an IT expert to perform the setup. You just need to have a robust internet connection, choose a new phone number or port the existing number, add users to the phone system, and create a call flow to route calls. You are good to go!

    The Ecosmob VoIP system ensures greater security for small businesses. It uses advanced IP technology like encryption and upgraded identity management to prevent hackers from gaining access to your network.

    Yes, the Ecosmob Small Business VoIP system can be customized with the required features and functionalities to meet the specific needs of small businesses. 

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