QA Automation

Manual testing has its place, but automation supercharges the testing process, which is essential for today's intricate software. It streamlines frequent app deliveries, letting testers focus on elusive bugs. Thanks to efficient CI/CD environments, even partial automation brings tremendous value, catching tricky pre-production issues. QA automation speeds up the cycle, ensures consistency, and saves costs.

Why QA Automation Testing?

QA Automation is the catalyst that accelerates your development process. It’s a win-win for developers and testers, allowing quick bug detection before code handoff–saving time, and cutting out those pesky human errors. Forget repetitive manual testing; automation brings reliability and speed, cutting time and costs. The result? Enhanced software quality and a smoother development cycle.

How Does QA Automation Testing Work?

QA Automation testing works on many different testing procedures that manual testers primarily take care of. It is a streamlined process that follows four main phases:

It has scripted test cases run by testing tools. We employ these cutting-edge tools to conduct meticulous tests, from integration and system to API and regression, pinpointing errors with unmatched precision. 

Ecosmob’s QA Automation

Now you can dive into a world of testing excellence with Ecosmob’s state-of-the-art QA automation. Our QA automation services have proven to be a game-changer for various businesses. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our practices effortlessly navigate past challenges once posed by manual methods.

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    Functional Testing

    Ensuring the application functions match the expected output.

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    Integration Testing

    Verifying that merged units run cohesively without issues.

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    Regression Testing

    Confirming the application works normally after code alterations.

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    Unit Testing

    Testing individual modules for smooth operation.

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    Smoke Testing

    Quick verification to determine if the software build is ready for further testing.

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    Integrate Automation Testing

    Utilizing CI/CD tools such as Jenkins

Why Choose Ecosmob?

As an industry leader, our QA automation strategy offers distinct advantages that set us apart. With effectiveness beyond manual testing, we deliver an edge that translates into tangible benefits for your business.

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    Our test automation detects bugs and uncovers issues that may be challenging for even the most skilled manual testers to identify.

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    Our robust QA automation enables us to assess even the most challenging scenarios.

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    Our QA automation achieves nearly 100% accuracy.

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    By sharing QA automation between developers and testers, developers can swiftly identify basic errors before handing them over to testers.


It’s a good idea to consider your specific requirements, research available options, evaluate features and capabilities, assess ease of use, and consider scalability and maintainability. Popular options include Selenium (Java), Cypress, Playwright, and Katalon Studio.

Yes, we measure the operability of the application on various browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. We also evaluate the application's compatibility with different operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Our team frequently uses regression testing to ensure the system works smoothly, even after introducing new updates.

We consistently review and update our test scripts in line with software updates. Our team also implements a feedback loop, ensuring that new features or changes are promptly integrated into our automated tests.