Face Recognition Solution

Harness the power of security through best-in-class facial recognition solution


Get high-performance, scalable, and custom developed face recognition solutions to promote authentication and advanced security.

When it comes to facial recognition technology, being mediocre doesn’t cut it. Face recognition is considered to be a faster and valuable method of image analysis for human verification and authentication. The system needs to be highly advanced with end-to-end encryption. Ecosmob aims at developing a customized face recognition system that is incredibly versatile and innovative.

Ecosmob presents carrier-grade face recognition software solutions that leverage the world’s transition to digital identity. Whether you want to upgrade the attendance tracking system, bill payment, transport ticket system, or update security, we offer innovative and most accurate face recognition solutions. Our facial recognition solutions are quick, efficient, and easy to integrate.

Key Features of Face Recognition Solution

Training and building model
Live face detection

Face posture tolerance
Fast face matching

Face spoofing
Encryption, decryption of images

Video support
Face analytics

Why Choose Ecosmob For Face Recognition Solution?

Adherence to Security Protocols

24/7/365 Support

Affordable Pricing Model

Quality Assurance

Expertise and Experience

Futuristic Development Approach


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