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Leverage the power of VoIP to make seamless calls from desktops, smartphones, VoIP phones, and WebRTC-enabled browsers. In a nutshell, with a seasoned VoIP solutions provider, you can communicate over the internet immaculately.

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VoIP Business Solutions

Our excellent VoIP solutions’ design strategy stands out in the market via a foolproof strategy. By studying the market capabilities, we have gauged that the future is entirely digital. IP-based communications are more customizable, reliable, scalable, and provide better voice quality. With us, your conversations avail Internet telephony to outshine even the best VoIP business solutions.

Being a flawless bespoke VoIP solutions provider enables our developers to design and develop an array of customized business communication apps with the right blend of expertise and a decade of experience. Consequently, Ecosmob helps you save time and cost with its high-quality, cost-effective VoIP business solutions.

VoIP Solutions We Offer at Ecosmob

Ecosmob offers the following custom VoIP Solutions to improvise your business communication needs.

Session Border Controller

Regulate the IP communications flow wall for internet telephony at network borders for signaling and media traffic.

Hosted PBX Solutions

Manage multiple customers, teams, and locations using a software platform to cut down maintenance and managerial cost.

Wholesale VoIP Switch/Class 4 Softswitch

Use carrier-grade Class 4 Softswitch support to relay VoIP traffic and services over multiple IP networks.

Retail VoIP Switch/Class 5 Softswitch

Send voicemails, SMS, and instant messages with calling features like call hold, transfer, routing, and customer billing.

Unified Communication Platform

Integrate several enterprise communications channels, viz. voice, video, IM, team messaging, voicemail, and content sharing.

Dynamic IVR Solution

Avail highly scalable multi-tenant turnkey solutions offering user-friendly routing per menu setup, DID number support, and time zone support.

Voice/SMS Broadcasting Solution

Broadcast your messages to customers via recorded voice script and text messages to large audiences.

MVNO Solution

MVNOs now have complete control over service definition and delivery. They can improve operational efficiencies as they scale and increase their customer base.

Contact Center/Call Center

Improve your customers’ experience by communicating with them via multiple platforms like calls, web, chats, and other modes.

Audio/Video Conference Solution

Improve user productivity globally and bring greater collaboration with audio and video conferencing solutions.

Fax over IP

Get faxes sent over the internet even with ordinary fax machines with high security, low cost, and high availability for VoIP users.


Elevate the level of your video conferencing and the quality of collaboration between teams working remotely with telepresence.

Why Choose Us?

With over a decade of specialized experience, Ecosmob has emerged as a well-renowned business VoIP provider. Offering transparency and reliability, we provide unmatched quality of VoIP business solutions.

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Ecosmob: Leading VoIP Solutions Provider

We thrive value in your business in following ways:
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    Our strong sense of identification digs in-depth into your requirement and delivers resonating solutions.
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    We aim for turnkey solutions built from scratch.
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    We are a leading business VoIP provider with several awards under our belt.
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    With over a decade of experience, we know the technology thoroughly and have a team of VoIP solutions experts.
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    Our model includes cost-effective, high-quality solutions that stand in the top echelon of similar apps.
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    Ecosmob believes in delivering projects on time and is highly punctual and professional.


Compared to conventional landlines, VoIP is an excellent choice due to several reasons:

  • No hardware required
  • Implementation is fast and free of charge
  • It doesn’t involve monthly contracts
  • New features can be added easily at no extra cost
  • Users can make changes as per their key requirements

A VoIP provider is a business entity that offers VoIP solutions to streamline your business communications. They provide an array of features like multi-level IVR, caller ID, call screening, etc.

Yes, you will require a VoIP service provider to set up a VoIP business phone system. No matter if you are a small business or a large enterprise, VoIP service providers can offer all the required VoIP services to meet your precise business needs.

There are generally 3 types of VoIP providers:

  • VoIP-only providers- They provide telephony functions for businesses and customers with basic features such as call forwarding, caller ID, and voicemail.
  • VoIP with cloud phone system providers- These providers offer VoIP services by combining VoIP with cloud PBX technology. Other than basic features, they also provide call management features like auto attendant, IVR, answering rules, etc.
  • VoIP as part of unified communications solution providers- These are quite similar to VoIP with cloud phone system providers. The difference is that they combine various communications tools including VoIP, cloud PBX, and others into one platform.