Enterprise Unified Communications Solutions

Unified Communications Solutions unify different communication channels such as voice, video, email, messaging, and conferencing into a single, integrated platform. UCaaS solution enables workforce members to connect from anywhere globally and collaborate effectively. 

Integrating a set of technologies into a single service enables effective communication and collaboration. Unified communications systems aren’t just an option for the enterprise; it’s crucial! So, why wait? Get a highly scalable, flexible, and robust UCaaS solution today.

Unified Communication Solution

Features of Unified Communications Solutions

The features of UC solutions provide users with a wide range of communication and collaboration tools that can increase productivity, foster better teamwork, and enhance business processes.

Ineffective communication can cause approximately 52% of poor financial outcomes. It includes low sales and a damaged company reputation. 

The Real-time features of unified communications solutions resolve this issue with real-time communication solutions.

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    Integrated Audio and Video Conferencing

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    Contact center

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    Chat presence

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    Secure sharing and storage of multimedia

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    Omnichannel and multi-device communication

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    Email/calendar integration

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    Screen sharing and drawing

Business Benefits of Unified Communications Solutions

A single front-end interface for all their communication needs.

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    Flexibility to work from a remote location for employees without any special equipment.

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    Secure encrypted communications and protects customer data.

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    Ability to consolidate communication channels into one; with centralized management.

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    An integrated solution that helps any business scale across multiple locations.

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    Customer-focused technology, reducing customer churn while adding more business and growth.

Custom Unified Communications Solutions

We curate long-lasting solutions for UCaaS and let you enjoy quick synchronization of real-time and non-real-time communication. There are several pain points that we combat using the UC solution.

Since many businesses are widespread over large demography, keeping them in sync takes time and effort. A significant example is COVID-19, where the organizations were operating from home. Managing business operations with smooth communication was a pain.

That is where the role of UCaaS software comes into play. UC acted pivotally and offered enterprise communications solutions, viz. audio and video conferencing tools that patted the gap of working remotely. It harnesses the best of VoIP and frees organizations to focus on other instrumental tasks.

Why Businesses Choose Ecosmob for Unified Communications Solutions

Working from home is the new trend. Global enterprises are operating digitally, making endpoint security a primary concern. At Ecosmob, we offer tailored, potent, and encrypted solutions that make data breaches or intrusion impossible for sensitive information.

We offer turnkey and dedicated apps closely related to requirements and expectations. It gives unprecedented growth to businesses.

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    The mobility of UCaaS solution allows you to work or act from anywhere with a digital footprint

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    Our scalable solution allows you to expand digitally without any system capacity that hinders your expansion

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    There are no hidden costs, you pay only what you see

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    Assimilate multiple business locations under a single head

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    Your phone system is managed, updated, and hosted on cloud by us, leaving you room to concentrate on other pivotal tasks


UCC helps to improve communication and collaboration within organizations. It also helps to increase productivity by enabling employees to work together more effectively, regardless of their location or device.

There are several reasons why organizations must choose to implement unified communications solutions:

  • To allow teams to collaborate more effectively by providing them with tools such as video conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing, etc.
  • To save time and increase their productivity by enabling employees to access communication tools and applications from a single platform.
  • To reduce costs associated with travel and communication while enabling employees to communicate and collaborate remotely.
  • To provide employees with greater flexibility and mobility by allowing them to work from anywhere and at any time.
  • To improve customer satisfaction by providing faster and more effective support.