FreeSWITCH Development

FreeSWITCH solutions development in the telecom landscape drives digitization from owned telecom switches to dynamic implementation. With the potent FreeSWITCH application server, businesses can build PBX systems, Class 5 SoftSwitches, video conferencing platforms, IVR solution, SBCs, voice gateways, and UC services like chat and screen sharing.

Once set up the module development supports multiple protocols, features codecs, and encryption methods to deliver impeccable solutions. It can also be interconnected with any other server supporting similar protocols. FreeSWITCH software solution development unlocks the telecom capability of any device.

Ecosmob is a well-recognized 15+ years of expertise FreeSWITCH development company that has thrived a revolution in the industry with its technical finesse. We offer cloud-hosted APIs, commercial support for FreeSWITCH, and custom development.

FreeSWITCH solutions Development

Features of FreeSWITCH Solutions

Ecosmob builds single and multi-tenant solutions for its clients using
FreeSWITCH, with voice mail, intercom, and call groups.

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    Voice mail

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    Flexible CDR system

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    Call groups

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    Dial groups

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    SLA – Shared Line Appearance

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    IVR – Interactive Voice Response

Our FreeSWITCH Development Services

Kickstart a community of open-source applications leveraging the capabilities of FreeSWITCH solutions.
Dismantle the complex software architecture and deliver fully-functional apps.

Advantages of FreeSwitch Solutions
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    Handle thousands of calls concurrently

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    Manage voice and video calls efficiently

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    Develop wholesale or multi-tenant VoIP solutions

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    Create applications that talk to other applications or humans

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    Automate various business components

Solutions We Develop With FreeSWITCH

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    PBX Systems

    Get IP Hosted PBX Solution within an enterprise using our FreeSWITCH module development that makes communication a cakewalk.

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    Class 5 SoftSwitches

    Optimum-designed Retail Softswitch for seamless billing and routing.

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    Audio/Video conferencing platforms

    Custom FreeSWITCH development for impeccable conference quality among participants that give a live experience.

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    IVR Solutions

    Build Smart & Dynamic IVR solutions after FreeSWITCH consulting with us giving your customers the best engaging session possible.

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    Safeguard your network while making VoIP calls with Session Border Controller solution.

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    Voice Gateways

    FreeSWITCH is an expert in developing apps that connect enterprise VoIP networks with telecom providers for an extraordinary calling.

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    UC Services

    Our FreeSWITCH consulting services amalgamate the presence of audio, video, IM, content-sharing, etc., under one roof.

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Key Points of FreeSWITCH

The performance of other technology-based applications may be quite functional; however one parameter that needs to be accounted for is their performance. Without a robust performance, the functionality might not be seamlessly met.

Here FreeSWITCH custom software solution development delivers a spike in services in the same ecosystem.

For Example-  Within the given landscape, open-source FreeSWITCH solution can manage 1000 concurrent calls where other technologies can adapt only less than 500 calls.

FreeSWITCH Consulting and Support Services

Ecosmob provides FreeSWITCH consulting and support services ranging from simple installation and configuration to complex deployments. Our team of experts with in-depth knowledge of FreeSWITCH can help organizations develop the best suitable, customized, and scalable solutions for their business.

With our FreeSWITCH consulting and support services, businesses can implement, maintain, and optimize their FreeSWITCH-based telephony solutions easily and effectively. Some of the key services include-

  • Architecture design
  • Installation and configuration
  • Upgrades and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and issue resolution
  • Custom development
  • Training

By leveraging the expertise of Ecosmob’s FreeSWITCH consultants and support providers, businesses can ensure that their telephony solutions are reliable, secure, and optimized for their unique needs.


FreeSWITCH is used widely to create and deploy an array of real-time communication solutions like voice, video, and messaging applications. It is a versatile communication platform that can be used for different purposes. For instance, FreeSWITCH can be used-

  • To provide Voice over IP (VoIP) services like IP-PBX, hosted PBX, and SIP trunking.
  • As a platform for unified communication solutions to allow users to integrate different communication channels, such as voice, video, chat, email, and others into a single interface.
  • To build contact centers with features like Interactive Voice Response (IVR), call recording, call queuing, etc. It can also be used to facilitate integration with CRM systems.
  • To develop WebRTC applications to enable real-time communication directly within web browsers without requiring additional software.
  • To create Internet of Things (IoT) communication solutions that allow devices to communicate with each other, such as home automation systems, security systems, and others.

Choosing the right service provider for FreeSWITCH development services can make all the difference in the success of your project. Ecosmob has years of experience in offering FreeSWITCH development services. By considering its services, you can be assured that your project is in the hands of experts who know how to build the best and most effective communication solutions using the platform.

Our experts work closely with clients to understand their specific business needs and provide customized solutions accordingly. As far as quality is concerned, Ecosmob highly emphasizes quality assurance to ensure that the solution they deliver is reliable, stable, and performs as expected.

Moreover, the team of experts at Ecosmob provides ongoing support after the initial project is complete. This ensures that your communication solution continues to run smoothly and effectively.

FreeSWITCH solution development can help businesses in several ways:

Cost savings: Since FreeSWITCH is an open-source platform, users can download and use it for free. This way, businesses can avoid the high costs associated with exclusive communication solutions.

Scalability: FreeSWITCH is a highly scalable solution, which makes it highly suitable for businesses of all sizes. Based on the business growth, the communication solution can easily be scaled to meet the changing requirements.

Customization: FreeSWITCH is highly customizable. Businesses can get customized communication solutions to meet their specific needs.

Better productivity: FreeSWITCH solutions comprises assorted advanced features like Voicemail, call routing, automated attendant, and more. All these features help businesses streamline their communication process and enhance productivity.

Enhanced customer service: Features like call recording, call queuing, and CRM integration helps businesses in improving the customer service experience.

As FreeSWITCH is an open-source, scalable, cross-platform telephony platform, it can be used by a variety of organizations, including telecommunication service providers, call/contact centers, enterprises, developers, IT professionals, and individuals.