Sentiment Analysis That Works

Sentiment analysis is a natural language processing (NLP) methodology brought into use to determine whether a customer’s emotion for a product or service is positive, negative, or neutral. It’s often utilized by organizations to witness sentiment in customer data, evaluate brand reputation, and understand customer behavior.

By gauging customer sentiment it is possible to strategize accordingly and assess customer feedback for improving brand image and awareness. It helps businesses decipher stress levels in a contact center environment for both agents and customers. Emotion detection sentiment analysis enables going beyond polarity i.e. positive or negative to detect emotions, like happiness, frustration, anger, and sadness.

sentiment analysis solutions

Ecosmob Sentiment Analysis Services

Analyze customer sentiment graphically and uncover insights that will help
build narratives for the buying journey.

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    Graphical representation of data

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    Real-time monitoring

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    Analytics and reports

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    Emotional intensity measurement

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    Categorization of emotional state

Advantages of Ecosmob Sentiment Analysis Services

Over time, based on the feedback received from the customer, actions during the buying journey,
and the current customer conversation, sentiment can be gauged.

Sentiment Analysis Business Benefits
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    Companies can create effective products and business strategies in line with their customer’s opinions.

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    Eventually, the purchases go up, and revenues also increase.

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    Companies can understand customers’ emotional responses to their products or services, which can help improve future conversations.

Ecosmob’s Commitment

Achieve desired business goals by performing sentiment analysis,
collecting data from customer’s opinions and responses, and analyzing them.

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