WebRTC Solutions Development

WebRTC development is an open-source project for peer-to-peer communication in web browsers and mobile applications. It helps develop everything from a simple video calling app to a multi-platform conferencing application. WebRTC solution building technology supports screen and file sharing in addition to voice, video, and chat features. It can help direct communication without downloads or plugins when embedded in a website. It’s compatible with desktops and mobile devices in most modern browsers; Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera support WebRTC.

WebRTC Solutions Development

Features of WebRTC Solutions

WebRTC solutions development leverages the capabilities of plugin-free APIs
and can be availed in desktop and mobile browsers.

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    Audio/Video communication

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    Screen Sharing

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    Data Sharing (files/images)

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    Cross browser compatibility

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    Global audio/video conferencing solutions

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Advantages of WebRTC Solution
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    Reliable communication between any browser or device

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    Easy transfer of customer data before calls

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    Seamless transmission of media files

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    AI-powered video effects, whiteboards, and more

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    Safe and secure (encryption by default)

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    Stay ahead of the curve for tailored solutions for every use case

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    No third-party components or plugins required

Solutions We Develop With WebRTC

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    Banking & Finance

    Leverage the capacity of open bank APIs like UPI that have gained massive adoption and other KYC or document sharing processes.

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    Healthcare platforms have become prominent online with WebRTC’s development module, where patients and doctors discuss health issues.

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    Online Recruitment

    Embed feature-rich real-time communication between candidates and employers using the HRMS portal to conduct pool remote recruitment.

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    Education Platform

    With the immersive online education platform, the students can have an engaging experience and interact seamlessly with the educator.

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    Customer Service

    The live agents can segregate their interactions with the customers and troubleshoot their issues via audio/video conferencing.

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Pain Points & Solutions

While two parties communicate, their conversation must be encrypted on both ends to avoid malicious attacks. While most technologies provide a seamless interaction, they fallout on security.

WebRTC software solutions development takes this into account and ensures that the communication is encrypted and no one can spoof the call. It is secure for voice and video calls with the Secure RTP (SRTP) protocol for encryption and authentication. This prevents the recording of calls and eavesdropping.

WebRTC Consulting and Support Services

Ecosmob Offers WebRTC consulting and support services to help businesses build powerfully engaging solutions. Our expert consultants and support providers with detailed knowledge of WebRTC can help organizations build cost-efficient and scalable WebRTC applications.

Our team provides professional advice on the development of robust WebRTC solutions for all types of businesses including SMEs and large organizations. Some of the key services include-

  • WebRTC architecture and design consulting
  • WebRTC development and customization
  • WebRTC testing and optimization
  • WebRTC integration
  • WebRTC maintenance and support

By leveraging the expertise of Ecosmob’s WebRTC consultants and support providers, businesses can ensure that their WebRTC deployment is optimized for their specific needs.


WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a versatile technology that enables real-time communication between web browsers or mobile applications. It can be used for video and audio conferencing, customer support (live chat and video support), online gaming, the Internet of Things (for remote monitoring and control of devices), file sharing, and virtual reality.

FreeSWITCH solution development can help businesses in several ways:

Cost savings: Since FreeSWITCH is an open-source platform, users can download and use it for free. This way, businesses can avoid the high costs associated with exclusive communication solutions.

Scalability: FreeSWITCH is a highly scalable solution, which makes it highly suitable for businesses of all sizes. Based on the business growth, the communication solution can easily be scaled to meet the changing requirements.

Customization: FreeSWITCH is highly customizable. Businesses can get customized communication solutions to meet their specific needs.

Better productivity: FreeSWITCH solutions comprises assorted advanced features like Voicemail, call routing, automated attendant, and more. All these features help businesses streamline their communication process and enhance productivity.

Enhanced customer service: Features like call recording, call queuing, and CRM integration helps businesses in improving the customer service experience.

WebRTC is generally considered to be a secure technology for real-time communication over the internet. It uses various security measures like encryption, authentication, and secure key exchange to protect communication between peers.

WebRTC is a robust and flexible technology that offers a range of benefits for developers and users alike. Some of the key advantages of using WebRTC are:

  • Low latency
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Security
  • Easy to use
  • Low cost
  • Versatile

The cost of developing a WebRTC-based application can vary depending on several factors like the complexity of the application, the features & functionality required, the development time required, etc. Since it is an open-source technology, there are no licensing costs associated with using it. However, the users may have to pay costs associated with making and deploying a WebRTC-based application such as server hosting fees, testing costs, debugging costs, and ongoing maintenance & support costs.

Overall, the cost of developing a WebRTC-based application depends on the specific requirements of the project and the development team's expertise and experience.