WebRTC Facilitates Videoconferencing in a Range of Verticals

Updated on: 8 Nov, 2022

Web Real Time Communications or WebRTC as it is known is all set to take off. Introduced by Google, the technology allows conversion of a web browser into a telephone with videoconferencing facility. Various industry verticals already use the web browser as the main channel for their operations as well as for interconnecting with customers. Adding telephone and videconferencing to the service suite is bound to enhance customer satisfaction.

WebRTC software development companies can use JavaScript APIs that are freely available to include communications in services. There will be no need for plug-ins for browsers and WebRTC applications will be more efficient than current technologies. WebRTC application development companies easily take care of integrating apps into the backend signaling server and address translation server to enable IP addresses to communicate with each other. More importantly, employing specialists to develop WebRTC clients can give the benefit of a customized user interface and features that suit a specific industry vertical. These specialists in WebRTC software development can customize backend as well as the software package to suit objectives of a client and even integrate it into mobile technologies. How can WebRTC help various segments? Let’s find out Banking is one field where WebRTC client inclusion can allow for a secure experience with access to a live agent to discuss various matters. WebRTC also includes secure encrypted connections and software developments can customize features to suit a specific bank and its needs. Insurance is another area where WebRTC application development leads to enhanced customer satisfaction levels. A customer can establish a video call with a representative of the company to discuss and file claims and all this can be done using their mobile phones.

While these sectors can enhance their brand image by incorporating WebRTC, education is another sector with even more benefits. WebRTC application development for education transforms the browser into an online classroom where students can view their teachers on their PC or smartphone screen and the teacher can broadcast informational videos, carry out tests, include presentations and interact better. One of the benefits is that there is no need for proprietary hardware for such functions since the software incorporates these. Medicine and healthcare is yet another industry vertical that can benefit. A doctor can interact with patients using video call or conferencing and this is a much better way than a simple voice call or chat. It reduces cost for healthcare providers, allows doctors to reach out to more people and it also delivers greater satisfaction thus leading to loyalty.

Ecosmob leads in custom WebRTC application development and it has capabilities to integrate WebRTC with existing legacy applications. The WebRTC software development expert can just as well develop applications from the ground up.

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