Telepresence solution for Healthcare industries

Telepresence Solutions

Virtual mode of communication is grasping the global market rapidly. Technology has filled the physical presence gap between a patient and a doctor, a teacher, and a student and a producer and a consumer. Now anyone can connect to anybody without being present physically. You would be thinking about how it could be possible?

We, Ecosmob Technologies private limited, have come with all your answers. This all is possible only by innovative gifts of technology, including telepresence and video conferencing.

Application of telepresence can be found in every sector, from healthcare to education and law to the automobile sector. The application of telepresence in the Healthcare industry is increasing at a high pace and its use can be seen in various hospitals and clinics. Whenever we hear about telepresence solutions and video conferencing for healthcare, many questions get raised in our minds like what is telepresence? How the telepresence solution for Healthcare industries takes place, and what are its benefits? We have shared below the answer to all your questions to assist you in making use of our services of telepresence solutions for Healthcare industries.

What is telepresence?

Telepresence is a combination of two words tele (distant) + presence (present). In this, we make use of various transducers, including microphones and cameras, to enable the person to hear and see from any remote location. Through this technology, people can affect and interact at the remote site. By using telepresence the user can be present virtually at any location. It gives complete liberality to people who have control in remote locations.

How does telepresence work?

In telepresence microphones and cameras are used to make a person present virtually anywhere. A person from one location can give advice to another person by using telepresence software in either their mobile, tablet or laptop at any place of their convenience.

Telepresence solution for Healthcare industries

The Healthcare industry is one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe. Day by day advancements are coming in this sector, be it new and advanced machinery or innovative equipment for laboratories or ways to interact with patients. Hospitals and doctors are adopting new technologies to save time and increase service quality. Telepresence is also one such technology that is getting adopted in the healthcare industry very rapidly. Telepresence is just like skype. As in Skype, you can do video and audio calls and interact with your team or patient in the same way telepresence software can help you in getting in contact with your patient virtually. We develop software to help doctors in providing telepresence services. Patients also like it because it assists them in getting contact with a doctor virtually and getting their advice.

Features of telepresence solutions:

– Whiteboarding
– One to one chat (Text, Audio, Video)
– Record History
– Screen sharing
– File sharing
– Remote Management
– Cross-Platform Conferencing
– Recording & scheduling
– Custom reports
– Evaluation of service providers
– Immersive telepresence workspace

Benefits of Telepresence solution for Healthcare industries

Maintain Patient History – Collecting patient data assists doctors and hospitals to plan their future healthcare systems accordingly. It also helps to keep a track record on the frequency of a particular type of disease faced by patients and prevent them from all side effects of drugs. The telepresence solution offers a secure platform for maintaining patient history. It helps in saving the history of patients for further use and also assists doctors to maintain healthy relationships with their clients and patients.

Save Time – Implementing telepresence services in the healthcare sector helps in connecting with the patients virtually. It helps in saving time spent while traveling and consulting patients of any place across the globe. This means doctors can treat more patients.

Save Money – Telepresence solutions help in saving money spent on infrastructure, travel, and other amenities. By using our telepresence solutions, you can save your money spent on assets.

Quality Care – By using telepresence services, patients can consult doctors in the comfort of their homes. Specialists can also advise local doctors for particular medical advice if required.

Consultation of Expert – Telepresence assists in getting in contact with experts without meeting them physically. It can be used in catastrophic situations when people are affected by several viral diseases like corona and can’t travel to consult a doctor. Telepresence software can enable these victims to contact doctors by video calling and consult for the diseases.

Therefore, telepresence solutions are a game-changer in the healthcare sector, and we offer Telepresence solutions for Healthcare industries by providing software to make you get connected with your patients virtually. By using our software offering a telepresence solution you can provide healthcare services at low cost and handle patients at various places from your home or clinic.

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