Role of Video Conferencing in Healthcare

Updated on: 3 May, 2023
Role of Video Conferencing In Healthcare

Video Conferencing Solution has recently brought radical changes in all sectors, including healthcare. During the COVID-19 pandemic, when everyday life was experiencing hiccups, Video Conferencing Solutions showed us how to communicate easily irrespective of geographic location. Indeed, this advancement of technology came out as the greatest gift to the covid patients, healthcare teams, and families to stay connected. Earlier, it was tough to think of survival in isolation. However, Video Conferencing calls made it possible during a pandemic like covid-19, and since then, it has gained significant traction.

In its ideal form, Video Conferencing refers to online meetings or web conferencing, where two or more individuals can interact virtually via video or audio. It uses a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) network to establish seamless communication. Telehealth and telemedicine are other terms for it in the healthcare industry.

Let us dive deep and understand the role of Video Conferencing during COVID, the benefits of Video Conferencing in healthcare, and more.

Impact of Video Conferencing on the Healthcare Industry

Impact of Video Conferencing on the Healthcare IndustryRole of Video Conferencing Solutions in Healthcare

When we speak of online Video Conferencing for healthcare, it is inevitable to exclude Covid-19. As a general definition, the coronavirus pandemic is an infectious disease that spreads from an infected person’s mouth or nose in small liquid particles when they cough, sneeze, speak or even breathe. Hence, there exists a constant fear of getting infected easily. Furthermore, during covid, doctors and healthcare personnel were at higher risk while examining the affected patients. One of the best ways to prevent and slow transmission was to maintain distance or quarantine in isolation.

That is where the role of Video Conferencing Solutions comes into light.

Video Conferencing essentially changed the dynamics of how we connect. People with coronavirus were reportedly put straight to quarantine without having a chance to inform their families. In those tough times, Video Conferencing Calls helped patients stay connected with their loved ones.

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Global Video Conferencing in Healthcare Market Growth

  • According to Grand view research, the Global Healthcare Video Conferencing Solutions Market will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9% from 2021 to 2028.

Benefits of Telehealth Video Conferencing Solution

Video Conferencing technology has been breaking geographical restrictions and offering opportunities to get the best medical services. It is a cost-effective solution that helps patients from across the globe to communicate with highly skilled healthcare professionals. Unarguably, telehealth or telemedicine is the new face of medical services in the 21st century.

Let us discuss some of them concerning the COVID-19 situation:

  • Saves Time

In the healthcare sector, time is one of the very crucial factors. Video Conferencing allows easy sharing of reports and documents across another panel of specialists. You can book an online consultation in no time without traveling to hospitals in different cities or countries. Conferencing Video helps you get the best advice from healthcare specialists during an emergency when every second counts.

  • Ease Of Access To Healthcare Services

When we talk about the benefits of Video conferencing in healthcare, ease of access is one of the most celebrated benefits. Video conferencing is ideal for patients and families located in distant places or for patients who are weak and can not visit healthcare facilities. It helps them access advanced healthcare services in the comfort of their home. Using Video Conferencing Solutions, healthcare professionals can directly talk with patients, check their reports through the file-sharing feature of video conferencing, and provide prescriptions.

Video Conferencing break all the barriers and help healthcare service providers in increasing their reach to more and more people.

  • Better Professional Collaboration

Medicine is a profession that is full of unpredictable emergencies. Leaving the patient’s wards and participating in business meetings is often impossible. How do healthcare professionals connect and collaborate, then? The solution lies in Telehealth Video Conferencing calls. It lets doctors and medical professionals collaborate globally and discuss research findings, medical trials, and new developments within the domain.

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  • Advance Medical Training

Making things easy is always the motive of technology. One such domain is medical training of health care practitioners, which reaps the benefits of Video Conferencing technology. It is an essential tool that primarily helps in medical training. Trainees, doctors, nurses, and professors can all connect and discuss conditions, revolutionize research, medical treatment methods, and more.

Top-notch Video Conferencing Solution Provider Ecosmob Technologies also provides features like a live video recording that medical professionals can use afterward for training purposes.

  • Helps In Emergency Cases

There are numerous examples where doctors wish to consult with other experts in certain emergency cases. Or, families of the patient look for a second opinion from doctors before making big decisions. In all such cases, the most favorable mode of communication is Video Conferencing. It helps the doctors understand the gravity of the situation more closely. That’s how online Video Conferencing Call improves the quality of healthcare services and saves many lives in emergency cases.

  • Personalized Services

One of the main benefits of Video Conferencing Solutions in healthcare is it renders personalized services. Patients can consult doctors face-to-face through online conferencing. It also helps doctors build a strong relationship with their patients and treat them to the best of their capability. Video Conferencing instills confidence in the doctor-patient bond, which translates to patient loyalty. Furthermore, feature-rich Video Conferencing tools also rule out the requirement of hiring more helping staff.

What’s more, Conferencing Video is improving the lives of its beneficiaries.

  • Hassle-free Process

As one would imagine, going to a doctor means carrying all your past medical history, reports, prescriptions, and whatnot. It is tedious to keep track of all the latest reports to show to your doctor. However,  with the advent of Video Conferencing, everything has become very convenient. You can now upload or share the files online. Additionally, it lets you share data privately and ensures the privacy of the session.

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Features Of Telehealth Video Conferencing Solution

Ecosmob offers cutting-edge, feature-rich telehealth conferencing solutions. It is a highly customized solution that streamlines the healthcare workflow. Some of the core features of our multi-tenant Conferencing Solution in healthcare include-

Features of Telehealth Video Conferencing SolutionFinal Thoughts

The Healthcare industry has a wide range of Video Conferencing requirements. Since it needs to handle all kinds of emergency calls around the clock, a reliable Video Conferencing Solution provider is the first choice of every client. Ecosmob Technologies identifies and supports the custom solution per the client’s need.

Ecosmob rises to the occasion by offering fast implementation of its Video Conferencing Solution wherever and whenever required, backed by 24×7 support. Connect with us at to learn more.

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