OpenSIPS Summit 2024: Quick Event Summary

Updated on: 28 Jun, 2024
OpenSIPS Summit 2024


Missed OpenSIPS Summit 2024? From expert talks to interactive demos, here’s what made the event a resounding success!

The OpenSIPS Summit 2024 in Valencia was an extraordinary gathering for enthusiasts and professionals in the VoIP and RTC (Real-Time Communication) space.

The 10th edition of the OpenSIPS Summit was another great hit for learning, networking, and innovation. Ecosmob Technologies was proud to be a part of this exciting event, and we have compiled the highlights of OpenSIPS 2024 here!

Interactive Demos and Advanced Trainings

The summit started with interactive demos that allowed attendees to dive deep into real-life VoIP and RTC scenarios. Experts conducted live demonstrations showcasing the practical applications and configurations of OpenSIPS in various environments. This hands-on approach ensured that participants gained valuable insights and practical knowledge. There was something for everyone, from configuring SIPpulse and CGRateS to building a functional CSCF IMS component step-by-step.

Networking and Brainstorming Sessions

The second day focused on networking and brainstorming. Attendees had the chance to engage with key figures in the industry, discuss challenges, and brainstorm innovative solutions. These sessions were pivotal for fostering collaboration and sparking new ideas in the OpenSIPS community.

Expert Talks and Case Studies

Expert talks and case studies dominated the third day of OpenSIPS SUMMIT 2024, with presentations from over 20 expert speakers. These sessions covered various topics, from advanced monitoring and troubleshooting techniques to integrating AI capabilities into SIP networks. 

The detailed case studies provided practical insights and real-world applications of OpenSIPS, helping attendees understand the system’s versatility and robustness. 

Sessions like “Voice AI: Running ASR and TTS open-source models on Google Collab” and “Telecom Observability Workshop with Homer” were particularly insightful​.

Ecosmob’s Contribution

A notable highlight was the presentation by Sagar Malam, Sr. Project Manager at Ecosmob Technologies

Sagar’s session, “Optimizing Networking for RTC Apps on Kubernetes: Harnessing OpenSIPS and Calico Power,” was highly interesting. He demonstrated how combining OpenSIPS with Calico can significantly enhance the networking capabilities of RTC applications on Kubernetes. His insights on network optimization, security, and scalability were particularly relevant for developers and system administrators looking to maximize their infrastructure’s performance​.


A Focus on the Future

This year’s summit placed a strong emphasis on emerging trends. Talks like “Cryptographically Verifiable Billing” and “SSICOMMS: Adding Self-Sovereign Identity to Internet Communications” sparked discussions about the future of VoIP and RTC.

This year’s OpenSIPS Summit was a resounding success, and we are already looking forward to the next one! If you missed out this time, be sure to mark your calendars for OpenSIPS 2025.

In the meantime, explore our extensive resources or tune into our latest podcast episode on OpenSIPS 3.4, where our experts discuss the enhanced B2B scenarios, smart logging features, and groundbreaking improvements of the new release!

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