Telepresence Solutions in Legal Sector

Updated on: 1 Mar, 2023
Telepresence Solutions in the Legal Sector

The world of technology is constantly evolving, and so are our problem-solving approaches. Telepresence solution development is one such technology-aided approach that leaves its imprint in various sectors due to its diverse application. The legal (Law) industry is one of the most demanding sectors embracing these technological advancements and evolving rapidly. It is helping our jurisdiction release the burden of massive caseloads (heavy backlogs) and tight resource constraints while improving court safety.

This article will walk you through the impact of telepresence solutions in the legal sector and its related aspects. However, before we proceed, let us understand the concept first.

What is Telepresence Solution in the Legal Sector?

Telepresence refers to the experience of being present in an environment using a communication medium. It encapsulates a set of technologies that send the data signals through a circuit allowing the other parties at remote locations to communicate in real-time. It is similar to video conferencing to some extent. However, Telepresence is a more advanced and feature-rich solution. (You can read our detailed article – What is video conferencing? The blog  answer the “What’s” and “Hows” of Video conferencing solution and their prospects.)

Moving on, you will be amazed to know that telepresence is not very new. The United States introduced the Telepresence solution to the legal sector in the 1970s. Since then, it is becoming a part of the legal industry everywhere, slowly and steadily.

Let us now look at two ways of communication through a pictorial representation.

  1. Direct communication (Traditional view )
  2. Remote Communication via telepresence solution (Telepresence view)

The Telepresence view depicts how it connects people at different locations through a virtual reality experience.

Features of Telepresence Solution 

The potential of Telepresence solution development facilitates everyone from the legal industry, for instance, defendants, victims, judges, witnesses, and attorneys. It speeds up the pretrial and trial case proceedings and enhances the ability of witnesses and language interpreters. It also secures distant communication, reduces costs, improves logistics, and helps you “go green.”

Models of meditated communicationsThere are lots of critical features in telepresence solution development. Some of them include the following:

Features in Telepresence Solution for Legal IndustriesTelepresence Solutions in Legal Sector – Why You Need It?

You must wonder why having a telepresence solution and staying technologically up-to-date matters for your business. To address your query, let’s examine some market insights.

The legal sector is gradually shifting its priority to digital transformation. Many large firms have started recognizing and bridging the digital divide to gain market share. The impact of telepresence solutions in the legal sector can be understood by the areas it affects. For instance, it presents a chance for legal providers with wise leadership, expertise, agility, resources, cultural flexibility, delivery capability, scalability, savings, willingness to collaborate, and customer-centricity.

As per a report by SRA, 24% of firms plan to use legal tech in the coming years. The figure itself indicates the positive paradigm shift to the Telepresence solution.

Consequently, visionary organizations like Ecosmob Technologies have already sensed the broad scope of this futuristic technology. We have been successfully delivering customized solutions to legal firms that think alike and ahead of time. The Telepresence solution is an arsenal in the legal (law) industry that helps everyone involved.

Simplify communication in the Legal sector with our telepresence solution.

Reasons for Introducing Telepresence Technology

The main reasons why firms are introducing new technologies are to-.

  • Improve service quality (by up to 72%)
  • Improve efficiency (by up to 71%)
  • Allow staff to work more flexibly (by up to 44%).

Let us understand the benefits of telepresence in detail.

Benefits of Telepresence Solution for Legal Industries

Telepresence technology significantly impacts the legal sector since it offers several essential advantages. For instance, Telepresence solution development is the best mode of virtual communication, which includes cameras, microphones, and monitors and makes a person present virtually anywhere in the world. It fills the gap in communication and consultation between people across the globe. Some of the other most common benefits are-

  • Technology and Easy Access to Justice

The research found that the impact of telepresence solutions development in the legal sector is improving access to justice. The main reason behind such a revolutionary change is its improved cluster services in the legal industry. A survey suggests that the commonly identified product in the coming years would be telepresence only since a massive surge in demand is expected. The Healthcare industry is also not left behind, as it unlocks the pressing need for telepresence solutions. The article Telepresence Solution for Healthcare Industries talks about it in detail.

benefits of telepresence solution for legal industry

  • High-Security Measures

In the legal industry, the safety and security of victims, culprits, their families, and lawyers always hang on a thin thread. Traveling to the courtroom safely itself is a challenge in several instances. Besides, much essential information is shared between the parties in the legal sector.

Safety and security of all of these are paramount, including vital documents. Telepresence software resolves all these security-related issues as you can connect with another party directly via the internet without traveling. You can also easily share crucial files and documents, eliminating any possibility of a leak of information.

  • Ease of Communication

As the population increases, the number of registered cases and court hearings is also growing. As a result, the demand for lawyers in society is aggressively accelerating. Telepresence solution development offers a resolution to this massive demand for lawyers. It allows them to manage time effectively and communicate with clients without traveling to places. Furthermore, it facilitates accessible communication in courtroom hearings in front of judges. It lets a party participate in an ongoing hearing remotely using telepresence technology.

  • Team Collaboration Sessions

Hundreds of lawyers who work in branches and different departments make up most law firms. At times, they also need to collaborate to attain the objectives and collective requirements of the entire lawyer community. Telepresence solutions let them readily communicate with one another through online forums and teleconferences and promote easy team collaboration.

  • Online Sessions and Classes

Telepresence solution benefits law students and trainees equally. It helps them attend sessions and receive professional counsel from experienced lawyers while continuing their studies.

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The impact of telepresence solutions in the legal sector has been a significant game changer. It enhances the accessibility of the law industry to every nook and corner of the country.

Additionally, telepresence solutions tap into the pressing potential of the sector by providing cost-effective and security benefits. To reap the most from this solution, one must implement a customized solution that perfectly fits the business requirement.

We at Ecosmob Technologies offer customized telepresence solutions for legal (Law) industries. With the experience of 15+, we have been winning accolades for assisting several law firms in getting the best telepresence solution. Connect with us at today and get that strategic leap of growth. We will help your business back with the technology of telepresence solution development.

Worried about security in the Law Industry? Telepresence solution is here to help!

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