Telepresence Solution for Prison

Updated on: 15 May, 2023
telepresence solution for prison

The worst recession in recorded history hit the world in 2008. However, the global market quickly recovered and scaled at a rate of 16.6 percent, with revenue of $2.23 billion by the end of 2010. One of the driving forces behind this comeback was growth in vital areas like better usability, user experience, cost-effectiveness, and infrastructure expenditure. A new term – Telepresence Solutions, also became very popular among techno-savvy sectors as it witnessed a resurgence in demand.

Advent of Telepresence Solution in Prison

In 1995, when the internet was in its infancy, with only 16 million users worldwide, the global government noticed the benefits of using this breakthrough technology for delivering public services. Since then, the trust of the government and the private sector has been growing in technology and innovation. What started as the goal of providing essential services using the internet to public and private institutions turned into reliable means for multiple communication channels, devices, and platforms via a Telepresence Solution. Later on, realizing the effectiveness and efficacy of Telepresence Solutions, the government started using them to function prisons effectively.

Definition of Telepresence

definition of telepresenceFeatures of Telepresence Solution For Prisons

Telepresence Solution offers some exclusive features-

  • Grievance ticket generation
  • Voice, text, and video messaging
  • Video call
  • Monitored interactions
  • Virtual family visiting
  • Faraway meeting
  • Onsite visitation scheduling
  • Publish prison rules or articles
  • Call recording and tracking
  • Call scheduling

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What are the Challenges Faced in Prisons?

To understand the vital role of Telepresence Solutions and the impact of this technology on prison facilities, let us first understand their challenges.

1) Overcrowding in Prison

According to a report, in at least 114 countries, the number of prisoners exceeds capacity. In around 20 nations, the prison system holds double its capacity. Talking precisely about India, high occupancy in jails is increasing post-pandemic.

A data report published in The Hindu dated 12 October 2022 shows that over 5.54 lakh people were imprisoned in 2021, while the total capacity of Indian jails was about 4.25 lakh. This means that the occupancy rate of Indian prisons was 130%, a peak at least in the last decade. 

What are the adverse outcomes of an overcrowded prison system?

  • Poor prison facilities
  • Inadequate healthcare
  • Increased stress
  • More risk of violence

2) High-Cost

Prisons and the maintenance of prisoners is very costly. Food, guarding, first aid, and healthcare services make up a considerable cost of imprisonment.

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3) Effectiveness

In the prison system and courts, recidivism is a serious issue. Recidivism refers to the percentage of former prisoners rearrested for a similar offense. The statistics on recidivism point out a significant flaw: jails are not doing enough to help inmates be successful when they are released. It is again a challenge for the Government to implement the correct code of conduct in the inmates so that they come out of jail as better citizens.

Advantages of Using Telepresence Solutions in Prisons

Advantages of Using Telepresence For Prison Facilities

  • Simplified processes

Telepresence Solution simplifies prison operations by digitizing processes in place of paper and manual interventions. Since there is no need for manual inputs, cases and files from the court’s case management system are automatically entered into the prison’s system, improving data accuracy. Additionally, digitization reduces the possibility of corruption, cuts costs, and enhances sentence management in jails.

  • Healthy Communication

Speaking is just one kind of human interaction. Nonverbal communication, such as body language and facial expressions, is also essential to effective communication. When you join a conference by phone, participation is limited. Telepresence in prisons allows more visible collaboration facilities so inmates can interact more efficiently.

  • Higher ROI and Less Travel Expenses

Telepresence cuts travel costs of case hearings and increases effective communication. It also supports enhancing the ROI of government and private bodies.

Why Choose Ecosmob Telepresence Solution For Prisons Facilities?

The growth of Telepresence Solutions is increasing to simplify sentence management and security issues. Ecosmob’s Telepresence Solution addresses this pain point by creating a collaborative culture that helps improve prisons’ effective functioning. Ecosmob specializes in creating prison collaboration solutions with high-quality results keeping safety a priority. Government and private prisons can adopt this new approach to replace traditional meet-in detention.


Telepresence Solution for prisons facility is the need of the hour. Moreover, getting a customized solution that matches your particular requirements is irreplaceable. Our bespoke Telepresence Solution offers a complete solution that helps stabilize prisons’ smooth functioning.

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