How Telepresence solution help in the effective functioning of prisons

Telepresence Solution for Prison

Since the past decade, telepresence solutions are being highly used in various sectors. There are many advantages of using telepresence solutions in every industry, be it institutions or businesses. The benefits of using technology include time efficiency, cost efficiency, convenience, safety, and many more to name.
Telepresence solutions can also be helpful for prisons. Various governments, as well as private prisons across the world, are applying telepresence solutions. The prisoners can easily connect with the outsiders, including friends and family, officers, courts, and other individuals, without leaving the confines of the prison.
The more important reason behind using telepresence solutions for prisons is that it is more cost-effective as it eliminates the requirement of patrolled travel by gathering inmates remotely.
Telepresence solution has the credibility to save a large sum of money for the government and private prisons by providing competitive alternatives to travel of prisoners to court hearings and cases. Various countries across the globe have started using Telepresence solutions for prisons.
The telepresence solution has become an excellent justice system in the USA and many other countries across the globe. Government and private prisons can use it for an active, cheaper, and safer option to travel for a court hearing, visitations, and other concerns. Besides, with the encrypted system, it is easier to monitor inmates’ communication. Ecosmob’s telepresence solutions for prison offer distinct features for high standard security and quality. Have a look at the key functionalities;

Key features of telepresence solution for prison

● Grievance ticket generation
● Vice, text, and video messaging
● Video call
● Monitored interactions
● Virtual family visiting
● Faraway meeting
● Onsite visitation scheduling
● Publish prison rules or articles
● Call recording and tracking
● Call scheduling

Why to choose the Ecosmob Telepresence solution for prisons?

Government and private prisons can adopt a new approach to replace traditional meet in detention. Ecosmob provides scalable as well as reliable, secure prison collaboration solutions.

Telepresence solutions are the most secure and preferred method of communication between inmates, family persons, or legal advisors. So, friends and family members can visit the inmates effortlessly without reaching the prison physically.

The growth of telepresence solutions is increasing because of safety and security issues. Ecosmob has a specialization in creating prison collaboration solutions with high-quality results. Let’s connect to develop top-notch quality customized telepresence solutions for prison.

Advantages of telepresence solution for prisons

Healthy Communication

Speaking is just one kind of human interaction. Nonverbal communication, such as body language and facial expressions, are also in use. When you join a conference by phone, participation is limited. It can leave out a big part of what’s useful for communication. Telepresence allows more visible collaboration so inmates can interact more efficiently.

Person-to-Person Interaction

Every member is present and visible during the entire meeting with telepresence: facial expressions and body language help in putting the impactful message to the prisoners.

Higher ROI

While thinking about telepresence as a way to exclude travel costs for case hearing and increase effective communication, it also supports enhancing the ROI of government and private bodies.

Reduces Travel Expenses

The government and private prisons can effectively cut down the travel expenses using a telepresence solution. The case hearing and judgments can be done online.

Wrapping up

Telepresence solutions for prisons are highly beneficial in several aspects. Private and government bodies looking to implement telepresence solutions can get in touch with Ecosmob Technologies Private Limited. We deliver tailored, industry-specific telepresence solutions for prisons.