Sports At Work – A Blessing in Disguise

Updated on: 3 Nov, 2022

Apart from two of the most important aspects of our life that is Career and Family, if we have to call out that one special thing that has been a big influence on our life what would it be? We would like to take this opportunity to throw some light on how experience with a sport might actually assist at work or at least have glaring similarities. A country where millions of hearts chant one song. A sport which is a “National Religion”, you might have guessed by now, we are talking about CRICKET, the exciting sport of skills, strategy, stamina, perseverance and a game of uncertainty till the very last ball. Ultimately has some great correlation to our life, and we all agree professional life is a major part of our daily lives !!

We believe our Ecosmobian are our family and our most important asset. We aim to aspire each and every ecosmobian reach maximum productivity levels at a proficient rate. We promote wellness which is one of the most beneficial choices for our ecosmobians to reach their full potential. Supporting workplace health and wellness encourages us to live an active lifestyle and make good health choices. As a result of our teams usually, respond with a positive more optimistic attitude.


Ecosmobian who are fit is confident. Exercise gives ecosmobians a sentiment of self-assurance making a feeling of balance and enabling them to set higher objectives to make progress toward brilliance. They meet their objectives while they are extremely effective.

Ecosmobians who are fit are great leaders. Since they’re passionate about productivity and performance, fit ecosmobian will, in general, do well at driving others. Their certainty is high, in general, utilize that to encourage others. They’re always the ones to bounce in with a solution for any challenges and troubleshooting required in the project.

Exercise crafts a superior frame of mind. When individuals work out, the changes in their body make a superior inclination. Individuals who are in a decent mindset make superb team-players since they are progressively adjusted rationally.

Ecosmobians who practice motivate and trust in others. Ecosmobians are probably going to admire a team-member who is fit, enthusiastic and a go-getter for any assigned tasks. The fit team-member’s control to pursue an activity or program gives a different feeling that they’ll aspire and inspire each other. Fit ecosmobians are likewise bound to talk up when something isn’t right when facing any crossroads. In the event that there are issues, challenges or conflicts with the different member, a system or gadget, they’re not very hesitant to go up against their managers and express their concerns.

Overcoming Internal Differences

Understanding and defeating differences constantly a noteworthy work in having the capacity to cooperate beneficially. We continuously encounter and experience people whom we don’t see eye to eye with, and we will be compelled to work with them to create positive outcomes. We learn through sports to get along with difficult team-members or resolve conflicts with colleagues. The sportsman spirit ignites and shines a different side of our personalities. We have learned at an early age how to manage others we couldn’t have cared less for. When we are younger we acted so childishly, always challenging other kids and got aggressive, even ended up fighting sometimes.  We do likewise at work. Our boss may request that we work with somebody who expertly we share comparable learning, still, we may battle to coexist with. So as to work proficiently and adequately we beat contrasts and do the best work that we can improve the situation the benefit of the organization.


Empowering exercise and sports is a decent method to advance partnerships. Arranging representative softball games, climb or different exercise is a decent method to support wellness. In any case, these precedents additionally advance cooperation. At the point when Ecosmobian can figure out how to fill in as a group outside of work, they’ll have a less demanding time cooperating as a group amid business hours.

Exercise routine energizes the objective accomplishment. Work-out, fitness or sports all require schedules, planning, responsibility and goal setting. Since ecosmobian know about these critical undertakings, they’ll likewise apply so into the work environment too.

Giving free exercise center participation, team-building games or other pleasant sports tournaments is a magnificent method to state “We care about our ecosmobians.” We organized our “Ecosmob Box Cricket Series” to express our affection for our family

Working as a TEAM

Being on a sports group you understand how to rely upon your co-workers/teammates. The team drives at a shared objective of winning. Each individual choice of role influences the team in a positive or negative way. In volleyball, the setter controls the sport. They tune in to their hitters and give the ball to the player who is speaking with them the best. In the event that the setter quits tuning in and chooses to give the ball away to whomever, they need than the team play is never again viable and they will endure. Similar remains constant in the working environment. It’s a typical practice that teamwork in project meetings at work, they are a team on that occasion. On the off chance that there is an unfriendly vibe in the meet and one member attempt off without anyone else to work exclusively, it could cause turmoil and disappointment. The spirit to working together learned from sports, is no matter what challenges and workload or pressure of deadlines we fight, we stand by, we sacrifice but we work together to accomplish the tasks together as a team.

Health & Fitness

Healthy and fit ecosmobian are more in favor to utilize their time and energy in the most productive manner. Ecosmobian exercises identity-less inclined to become ill than the individuals who don’t work out. At the point when ecosmobian utilize fewer leaves, they contribute more to efficiency. Fit ecosmobians are more health-conscious and are least likely to quit due to wellbeing reasons or require a severe medical procedure.

Exercise gives ecosmobians more vitality. While numerous individuals think practicing channels vitality levels, it really makes more vitality. Exercise advances better flow which enables blood to achieve the cerebrum reliably. This makes ecosmobian progressively engaged and caution.

Wellness diminishes ecosmobians’ feelings of anxiety. Exercise can diminish the measure of pressure felt from physical and enthusiastic strains throughout everyday life. Ecosmobians who aren’t pushed, are progressively engaged, positive and glad. Their reasonable personalities enable them to concentrate on work, which implies they add to a lot more elevated amount of efficiency.


In a sports team or in the work environment, there aren’t numerous achievements without trust. Having the capacity to work together successfully and overcoming disagreements and differences, spins around confiding in each other. Without trust, there is likely a possibility to be disappointed. At Ecosmob while playing Box Cricket Series each one of us learned to put their trust in a partner to succeed. It was an extraordinary experience to see how teams kept faith in each other, held hands, understood the strengths and weakness of each team member and figured out how to trust in your team. Trust is likewise required between projects at work too. We should have the capacity to realize that our colleagues will complete their role of the work to the best of their capacity so as to finish the tasks. Without trust, a company or a team can go into disrepair and at last reason conflict among each other.

This Cricket Series created a unique combination of feelings and experiences. Each ecosmobian had great enthusiasm, persistence, and commitment to winning. It was clearly noticeable that ecosmobians learned and absorbed many impressive qualities of this sport communication skills, strategy making, stamina, perseverance, keeping away differences and showcased team-work. It was truly marvelous to see them earn those medals and trophies.