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Android TV Technology
25 Jan 2017

What’s New Stored With Android TV Technology?

Android TV – a smart TV platform from Google is a great evolution in the smart technology arena. Announced in Google IO 2014, the Android users can either purchase a TV with the new built-in platform or they can add it as an Android TV to their existing television and purchase any standalone set-top box.

There is a wide range of technicalities associated with an Android TV that you will come across this blog which would help with Android TV App Development and other related areas. So, let’s read it further:

  • Android TV is recognized as the successor of Google TV. Google TV has become a past and even people didn’t even remember that Google TV ever existed. The app developers are now concentrating on Android TV instead of Google TV.
  • Android TV has been designed to enjoy all sorts of things that you enjoy on phone directly to the TV. With the ease of navigation, simple interactivity and at the same time, access to entertainment – it will make your TV smart and easily accessible.
  • You can enjoy rich voice control feature while accessing other devices like Android phone and Android wear watch. It makes easier to do things with the help of its card-based interface.
  • The Android app developers are able to amalgamate the essential entertainment apps in order to give the big screen experience to the users. This may include anything, right from gaming to weather reports.
  • Google offers a distinct advantage by putting Android on the big screen while providing another avenue to serve the content. This way, it expands its big Android community.

Besides all these things, one major advantage for the Android TV users is that it allows the users to quickly customize their TV’s content as per their needs and demands. As a result, it can be said that Android TV is a simple yet effective technology that enhances the quality of entertainment to a whole new level.

So, if you too are looking for of Android TV App development or have any further queries regarding developing apps for the big screen entertainment, you can contact Ecosmob anytime. We’d be happy in associating with you!

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