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31 Jan 2014

Swimming and Life lessons Part 1

In this blog I’ll try to tell you a short story( ok perhaps not so short :D) about my experience of learning swimming and how I found many life lessons which can be associated with such experience. Also how motivation, team work and inspiration can help in mastering any skill.

The Beginning – Tough part
“The ice caps are melting Leonard. In the future, swimming isn’t going to be optional.” – Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory.

Okay that may not be the exact motivating factor behind starting swimming lessons but I always thought that it is important skill to learn. I like beach, water sports, etc. so without swimming skills it is not possible to enjoy it to the fullest. There was a big sports center developed near my home and I came to know they have swimming pool. After that also I couldn’t join immediately. But then there were few friends in gym who used to go there. So I was constantly reminded about this pending task. :)

Then finally I decided to start swimming in May, 2013. But then there was some important work in office so I had to postpone to next month. The way the swimming academy was giving admission was weird. You have to appear on 1st or 15th of the month on or before 7 AM with form, photos and medical certificate in order to get admission as there was too much rush and it was hard to get admission there. Also the timing were bit awkward for me, earliest possible was 8:30 AM to 9:15 AM which would make me late for office as I have to finish bath and breakfast after that. I never skip breakfast and you also shouldn’t as it’s very important for health :)

So for June, 2013 admission, I went in May end to inquire about formalities and they said simply come on 1st June, fill up the form and get admission. I did so but then was shocked as they told me you have to get sign of doctor in the form and also attach a photo, I said why didn’t you tell me yesterday!!! I had no choice but to collect form and leave. Then I gave form to my good friend Mineshbhai who’s doctor and also my exercise partner in gym. Then I managed to get form before evening and then went for submitting the application only to find that the batch was full :(

So I had no choice but to wait upto 15th June. So I tried again and same result. So whole month went and I couldn’t get admission. I decided I have to get admission anyhow in July, 2013. I even purchased costume and accessories like cap, ear plugs, swimming goggles, etc. on 30th June. I went there early in the morning on 1st of July. Finally I got the admission and I started learning swimming from 1st July.

Beginning is always the most tough task and has many difficulties. For any task, just go ahead and start working is the first and most difficult hurdle, after that its not much difficult.

Starting the learning – The fun part

I was very happy after getting admission as I waited few months for it. So first day we entered the pool and it was quite great experience. One thing is that after entering pool, you can’t notice the time so they have special alarm when the time is over and even after alarm rings, they have to force people out of pool as people don’t easily get out :)

My friends at gym used to tell me that I’ll learn it very quickly, probably within 2-3 weeks. First day the coaches just taught us how to float and how to glide. So far everything was good. Then next day they taught kicking. Then we were asked to practice hand movement. In this you have to pair with someone and one person holds the other person’s legs while the first person has to keep the body floating and do hand movements in dog style swimming. After kicking and hand movements, they taught to glide and swim with both kicking and hand movements.

Do you want to know more about the experiences and learning from my swimming classes? Stay tuned and check my next blog.

About Author:

Ruchir Brahmbhatt, Director & Co-Founder of Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. having expertise in Business Development, Project management, VoIP and Web software development.
Likes: Reading, Science and technology, exercise, adventures

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