Augmented Reality (AR) is forever changing the way people use and interact with technology. Customized AR apps can boost your marketing campaign and give your business a competitive edge as such applications can attract more people.



Artificial Intelligence technology duplicates human intelligence in a structured manner through the power of technology and high-end gadgets. This unique intelligence initiates up new horizons for enterprises to automate their process and operations by leveraging the magic of AI applications.

Machine Learning

Sophisticated and large-scale models that combine neural networking and diverse computing. We offer custom machine learning consulting that brings modern machine learning tools to you.



IOT connect the multitude of physical wireless technologies to eliminate the issues of collaboration. With IOT you can easily link your computer devices, objects, animals or people to gather and share information anywhere, anytime.



With wearable devices, you can keep several details relating business, supply chain, travel etc. However, wearable technology acquired a reputable position in gaming and healthcare industry, that lets you track your fitness levels with the fitness tracker, smart watches etc.



Ecosmob Technologies offers blockchain technology to boost your business. We build excellent blockchain development solutions to build innovative applications.


Big Data

When you are using multiple devices and diversified channels to gather your data, your data grows vastly. Big Data deploys holistic information management strategy you to organize your data in a more structured manner for improved insights.



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