Kubernetes - Container Service

Deploy and Create Scalable Symphony with kubernetes

The open-source model -Kubernetes is for handling the utilization of containers within local. Google originally developed applying R&D of 15 years.

Kubernetes now prospers in the open-source alliance.

Kubernetes Features

Service process and potential balancing Automated rollouts and rollbacks

Storage symphony Horizontal scaling

Automatic bin packing Self-healing

Batch execution

Secret and configuration control

What can you do with Kubernetes?

Orchestrate containers across multiple hosts.

Make better use of hardware to maximize resources needed to run your enterprise apps.

Control and automate application deployments and upgrades.

Mount and add storage to run stateful apps.

Scale containerized applications and their resources on the fly.

Declaratively manage services, which guarantees the deployed applications are always running how you deployed them.

Health-check and self-heal your apps with auto-placement, auto-restart, auto-replication, and auto-scaling.

Unique Benefits of kubernetes

Modern infrastructure frame

Meticulous control


Version control


Time saving


Why choose Ecosmob for Kubernet

Rapid Deployment

Highly skilled Professional Team

Extraordinary 24/7 Support Team

Adhere to Industry Best Practices


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