Invention of Session Border Controller Cheered Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs)

Session Border Controller

Imagine our lives without the Internet. Seems impossible, right? I agree. Everything has become less important than the Internet for a decade. Looking into our past and present, technologies over the Internet have reached a level where every innovative idea secures its own place for the future. Considering VoIP technology, this is the most important development that took place for communicating through the Internet.

Internet Telephony Service Providers were among the ones who have boosted their business by including VoIP among their services. But, a lot of errors can occur in the media sessions among their customers. So, obviously, there is some solution to these errors. Here, Session Border Controller comes into the picture. It is mainly designed in a manner to highly secure all the media communications of the users.

Well, it has been a long time, that we are serving SBC solutions to our ITSP clients. SBC software has a built-in encryption feature that helps enterprises to cater more secure services to their customers. Its configuration is built-in a highly integrated network and having the ability to translate the media, makes it more efficient. SBC is also called for controlling the types of calls placed within the VoIP networks.

Let us have a look at the key features of our SBC solutions & their benefits:

  • It will help to provide immense security for the Internet attacks that take place which directly impacts the productivity and the revenues for the ITSPs.
  • Callers will be eased from all kinds of DoS or DDoS.
  • Session performance of the communications remains non-impacted during DoS or DDoS resulting in customer satisfaction.
  • IP addresses of the callers are secured using SBC systems so, the voice mails or other services of the calls remain private.
  • It provides protection from the malformed packets of communications that says Bye-Bye to the hackers. It has the ability to help the enterprises to move to HD voice quality, which gives a marvelous experience to the callers.
  • Considering the growing demand for video calls, ITSPs selects SBC systems with session scalability which can handle the several hundred sessions to several thousand, cost-effectively.

The ITSPs see a larger development in their businesses using SBC solutions as there is a lot of cost reduction for high infrastructure and the more reliability of their services. Get started! Get Going!

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