Inmate Communication Solution

Ecosmob’s Inmate Communication Solution

The multitudinous benefits of mobile applications have changed the course of communication and process management across industries and areas. Since the last few years, many private and public correctional facilities around the world have turned to the new wave of change by adopting application platforms to facilitate communication, money transfer and one-on-one virtual interaction among prisoners, their family members, and legal authorities.

Inmate applications and communication solution for prisons and correctional facilities are tailored to establish real-time, virtual interaction to bring down possibilities of risks and uneventful happenings. Besides, these applications leverage video and audio conferencing tools to streamline communications and enable easy supervision of interactions between inmates, family members, and prison authorities.

Advantages Of Ecosmob’s Inmate and Prison Communication App Development Service

Seamless Integration

Easy Configuration
and Customization

Easy Searching
and Reporting

Audio-visual and Imaging

Why Choose Inmate Communication Solution?

Superior speech intelligibility

Software solutions for Control Centers

Quick response

Access Control


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