Fit-GAP Analysis

Microscopic Vision of ERP Service for your Businesses

Fit-gap analysis is a problem-solving methodology. This process empowers companies to pick up ERP solutions from the right partner, the most effective and relevant modules according to your industry. This methodology assists in analyzing whatsoever gaps or obstacles before planning the implementation. It helps the implementation team and your company to set goals and accurate expectations on the outcome you are looking forward to. Moreover, it gives a clear, defined path to solve your problems, and it delivers greater efficiency to your organization.

When is Fit-GAP Analysis Needed?

Picking a New Software Solution

A GAP analysis activity is very effective in collecting the data needed to questions like – “What do we need to do?”- “Where do we want to be?” & “Where are we?” – in an enormously clearer and more detailed, concise style.

Executing a New System

Creating a REPLACE or UPGRADE judgment call

Improving Software Essentials

Determining which systems amongst many shall STANDARDIZE

Flat-out BENEFITS of Fit-GAP Analysis:

WHY the GAP (problem) is occurring

WHAT IS NEEDED TO Solve the Problem

IDENTIFICATION of the delivered functionality that improves current business practices and processes

WHERE the current or planned software system does not fit current requirements

COMPARISON of the delivered functionality of planned software to current business practices

DOCUMENTS the Benefits Resulting from of the Correction

Why Fit-GAP Analysis?

Quick & Accurate GAP IDENTIFICATION Made Easy!

Constant GAP LOCATION Identification


Measure & Mark the IMPACT of FIT/GAP Attributes


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