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Safeguard Your Phone Contacts Using Contact Pro


Ecosmob Technologies introduces a free android mobile application called “ContactPro”. It is a powerful app that secures all your contacts efficiently. You can also manage all your contacts on a one go! The “blacklist” feature blocks messages and calls from unwanted contacts. Thus, you are not disturbed any more by such contacts. “Restore/Backup” feature is to have your important contacts on any device you want.

Contact Pro Key Features

  • Store contacts securely
  • Group and favorites contact display
  • Import and export contacts
  • Manage blocking rules and blocked contacts
  • Send group messages from phone
  • Sync contacts
  • Merge duplicate phone contacts
  • Backup/auto backup/ restore contacts
  • Block unwanted messages and calls
  • Integrated message list and call log
  • Birthday reminders
  • Block unwanted messages and calls
  • Enable/disable notifications for blocked SMS and calls

Get ContactPro, a free android application to secure your precious phone contacts!

Phone: 1-303-997-3139