Class 5 Softswitch for VoIP Service Providers

Updated on: 27 Jun, 2023

Class 5 Softswitch is one of the softswitches that acts as a controller and offers a single interface for multiple IP networks, which transfers end-to-end VoIP interactions. Class 5 Softswitch solution has immense scope of scaling. As a result, it can manage different business levels, for example, residential and business markets.

Class 5 Softswitch solution provides intelligent call routing that reduces congestion, latency, and costs while enhancing the quality of VoIP calls with security features. Some of the core features of class 5 Softswitch include a carrier-grade platform with conferencing, package billing, multi-tenant support, number portability, routing, and much more. Class 5 Softswitch software opens the door for more market opportunities that increase your customer base and revenue.

Hosted Softswitch solutions allow commercial and residential users to avoid significant capital expenditures with setup and maintenance costs. While consumers use the capabilities of the cutting-edge telephony platform, retail VoIP providers manage everything else.

Let us now understand Class 5 Softswitch for VoIP Service Providers in detail

Intelligent residential VoIP class 5 switch

The next generation class 5 switch has more innovative algorithms with programmable and easy routing. Besides, this carrier-grade platform includes automation in various tasks such as authentication, white lists and blacklists, and other features. More competent implementation in a custom retail switch translates to instant scalability and enhanced call clarity and speed.

Robust calling services

Call Authentication and Routing are two of the best features of VoIP class 5 Softswitch software. A company can track its clients’ records more efficiently, thanks to the class 5 switch.

Integration of mobile SIP dialer app with class 5 switch lets you access Softswitch software’s features remotely. You can certainly benefit from a more effective billing procedure with real-time processing of prepaid and postpaid bills with the help of VoIP Softswitch software.

VoIP Class 5 Softswitch software improves customer base and revenues. It also offers better broadband and 4G, which makes it very reliable, and as a result, more and more individuals are also choosing VoIP other than medium and small enterprises. Class5 Softswitch efficiently provides retail VoIP calling services. To some extent, VoIP class 5 Softswitch features are identical to the VoIP PBX solution. Class 5 Softswitch VoIP helps run business communication seamlessly.

Drill down to the last link in retail

The retail customer may be considered a drop in the ocean compared to the options of traffic VoIP service providers handle across geographic borders, but these are vital. A custom class 5 Softswitch from an expert vendor can help VoIP services drill down to residential levels. VoIP service providers can get a white label class 5 retail solution that allows them to manage dealers, retailers, and sub-service providers, and even reach down to shops through PIN and PINless cards that residential users can buy. For the VoIP service provider, this creates additional revenue streams.

Billing and reports

It is easier to keep track of a few bulk customers than to manage hundreds and thousands at the retail level. Still, a capable white label class 5 Softswitch lets VoIP services define and configure rates and service levels for each customer and bill accordingly. Built-in modules handle monitoring and generate periodic performance reports across various metrics, making it easy for service providers to fine-tune offerings.

VoIP Class 5 Softswitch software is the ideal choice for organizations due to its benefits. This platform is becoming increasingly well-liked among residential and business customers thanks to various benefits and an easy-to-use interface.

The retail switch is no less significant these days. Its importance increases as more residents look for low-cost VoIP audio-video call facilities. Purchase the appropriate class 5 Softswitch with the necessary support from a custom development specialist. You are all set to cover broader and emerging market segments.

The SIP VoIP calling system reduces call costs. Class 5 Softswitch Serves as a Vital Link in International VoIP Calling. Integrating the mobile SIP dialer app with class 5 Softswitch lets you access all the features of Softswitch software remotely.

Some other enticing benefits

  • Associated billing with payment confirmation, usage notifications, and payment reminders
  • Billing that is safe and secure with notifications and reminders
  • Associating invoicing with usage alerts, payment reminders, and payment confirmation


Class 5 solution by Ecosmob offers all benefits, from monitoring calls to billing solutions encompassing tax rates, currencies, and tariffs on a granular level. Our Class 5 Softswitch provides unmatched quality of service. The Ecosmob team has expertise in the technology. You can also get two cents on the difference between Class 4 Softswitch and Class 5 Softswitch for a clearer picture of both. If you want to know more about our Custom Class 5 Softswitch development, mail us at

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