Class 5 Softswitch for VoIP Service Providers – Drill Right Down to Residential Users for More Revenue


VoIP services can look at class 5 softswitch as one of those things to have in the network. Take a fresh look at this humble class 5 switch and you will be able to see more opportunities to increase customer base and revenues. Apart from medium and small enterprises, more individuals now transition to VoIP, aided by better broadband and 4G. VoIP services have an ocean of untapped potential and the time is ripe to put in place better, improved and smart class 5 softswitch.

Intelligent residential VoIP class 5 switch

The next generation class 5 switch has smarter algorithms with programmable routing and easy routing. Besides, this carrier grade platform is designed to include automation in a variety of tasks such as authentication, white lists and blacklists and a host of other features. Smarter implementation in a custom retail switch translates to instant scalability as well as enhanced call clarity and speed.

Drill down to the last link in retail

The retail customer may be considered as a drop in the ocean compared to the ocean of traffic VoIP service providers handle across geographic borders but these are vital. Custom class 5 softswitch from an expert vendor can help VoIP services drill right down to residential levels. VoIP service providers can get a white label class 5 retail solution that helps them manage dealers, retailers, sub-service providers and even reach down to shops through PIN and PINless cards that residential users can buy. For the VoIP service provider this creates additional revenue streams.

Billing and reports

It is easier to keep track of a few bulk customers than it is to manage hundreds and thousands at the retail level but a capable white label class 5 softswitch lets VoIP services define and configure rates as well as service levels for each customer and bill accordingly. Built in modules handle monitoring and generate periodic reports on performance across a variety of metrics making it easy for service providers to fine tune offerings.
The retail switch is no less significant these days and its importance is set to increase as more people at the residential level look for low cost VoIP audio video call facilities. Get the right class 5 softswitch from an expert in custom development and with proper support. You are all set to cover broader and emerging market segments.

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