Calling Card Solution

Calling Card Solution Development

The calling card is merely a prepaid method allowing end-users to make long distance(domestic and international) calls at nominal rates. Earlier, the calling options were few and the calling cards were not advanced as it is now. With the advances in VOIP technology, Calling Card Solutions development is more than just a simplified calling solution. There are a great number of calling options giving calling card providers a choice to opt the best one that increases his business profitability.

A cost-effective and remarkable calling card platform offers a comprehensive prepaid Calling Card Solution Development helping you offer top-notch calling card solutions to your dealers, resellers, subscribers that can be apportioned virtually or physically across the internet. It lets you track and monitor long distance call traffic from different carriers and networks.

Key Features Of Calling Card Solution

Extensive IVR Menu

International language support

Activate with the access code

Offers PIN authentication

Auto registration via a web portal

Integration of payment options

Hassle free transaction

Data management and

Tracker/monitor/analyze calls

flexibility to change call rates

Offers multiple gateway management

Why Choose Calling Card Solution?

Tracks all calls

Helps boost sales

Gives an enterprise scalability

Helps generate more leads

Offers effective call management process


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