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Android Application Development
28 Jul 2017

Top Ten Android App Development Trends are Here to Stay-Part 2

In the first part, we have seen four latest trends of Android app development. In this second part, we will cover four more trends that are here to stay for a medium term. Though three of these trends are just an updated version of the prevailing concepts of enterprise apps, app security, and mCommerce, Instant Apps is a relatively new trend. Let’s start with it!


  1. Welcome, Android Instant Apps!

The Instant app is relatively a new trend and Google developed Instant Apps to offer users a quick access to Android apps when a mobile Internet connection does not allow quick installation of a certain app from Google Play. Users can download Instant Apps like usual web pages with a single click. However, this promising concept has some challenges for the developers.It may be possible that the users of Instant Apps would reject the updates and the developers will have a very small room to make money from such apps.  


Today, only Google 7.0 Nougat facilitates to download such apps, but nevertheless, Instant Apps technology has a great potential.


  1. Advancement in the cards for enterprise apps and micro apps

Enterprise mobile apps help organizations restructure, streamline and manage critical business processes. While micro apps are necessary to complete highly targeted operations without giving much load to the smartphone memory. Both have successfully accomplished their objectives and are set to establish new standards in the future.


As per an Adobe study, almost 77 percent business owners found enterprise apps beneficial. As per Research and Markets prediction, the enterprise app market is expected to grow from USD 48.24 B in 2016 to USD 98.03 B by 2021. On the other hand, micro apps are on the rise thanks to the enterprise-friendly features like lightweight, targeted, HTML and Ad-hoc installation. The trend of developing both these types of Android apps will remain constant in the year 2017 and beyond.

7. Security Factor is important like never before       

Now, a gloomy reality: As per Gartner’s prediction, almost 75 percent of mobile apps would not pass even the basic security tests. Today, mobile apps are facing concerns of insecure storage, privacy violation, and leakage of system information. Therefore, security factor becomes more and more important for the survival and success of any app. It is expected that most of the Android app development companies will focus more on improving the safety of their apps.


However, the silver lining is: Some JavaScript frameworks like Sencha Touch, Apache Cordova, etc. can help Android app developers build secure and scalable mobile apps.


  1. M-Commerce becomes a new norm

These days, a large number of customers prefer Google Wallet and other mobile payment gateways to credit or debit cards. It gives a push to m-commerce. What’s more, wearable devices with built-in m-commerce payment facility will also take a different shape in the near future. It is, therefore, advisable for the Android app developers to get ready for integrating m-commerce features in their apps.

Well, that’s it for now! In the last part of our blog, we’ll see two other big trends accompanied by additional smaller trends.

Till then, happy developing!

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