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Android Application Development
21 Jul 2017

Top Ten Android App Development Trends are Here to Stay – Part 1

Today, Google Play has over 3 million apps and the number is increasing thanks to the continual addition of many lifestyle and education-based applications. While business persons want to take a bigger piece of the pie from thriving mobile economy, Android app developers find it hard to stay ahead of the curve with innovative apps in the growing competition on Google Play. The only way to cope with such intensifying competition in the app store is to remain flexible by implementing the latest Android app development trends while developing customized apps for individuals and enterprises.

Here is a synopsis of current Android application development trends that can last longer because these trends reflect the expectations of the end users from the technological advancements. Every Android developer should keep these trends in mind to excel in the domain of mobile application development.

  1. AMP is here to change web app landscape

A data from Ericsson and Tune forecasts that globally, mobile users will reach almost 7 billion in 2020. Perceiving the mobile-dominated era in the early stage, Google has already initiated the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Project and announced that the company is working on establishing a separate search index for the mobile web. These revolutionary steps taken by the search engine giant are going to change the mobile app development trends from the perspectives of SEO and web apps. Google AMP technology implementation will remain on the list of top Android app development trends for a couple of years.

2. AR and VR are poised to show magic

The magnificent success of Pokemon Go has opened the doors of AR (Artificial Intelligence) for Android app development. AR and VR technologies are not new particularly for entertainment and gaming category, but we will see them showing some ‘magic’ on other app categories in coming days. It is expected that VR will not show a rapid growth, but AR application development will progress quickly by 2017 end. Android app developers need to be ready for developing VR and AR-based apps for the sectors like manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and reality.

3. Mobile Finance Service (MFS)-based apps on the rise

Last year, we witnessed an exponential growth of MFS-based apps. In the era of digitization where cashless transactions have become a new norm, MFS-related applications will gain ground in the near to midterm future. Such apps can perform multiple functions including mobile recharge, payment of DTH, electricity, and other utilities. These apps are basically electronic wallets that are going to be very popular as the m-commerce will strengthen its presence. More and more MFS apps, which are about to come, will have many features similar to that of banking as people have started adopting mobile payment globally.

4. Cloud-driven Mobile Apps are here to stay

The cloud technology has already started impacting our lives and has found the place with mobile apps. Powerful Android mobile apps can directly fetch data from the cloud and don’t occupy much space in the smartphone. Big enterprises want a robust app with a seamless performance and user-friendly features, and developers can address their requirements through developing cloud-based Android apps. A Cisco research has predicted that cloud apps will drive almost 90 percent of total mobile data traffic by 2019. We can certainly assume that the cloud-based apps are here to stay.

Well, here we conclude the first part. We’ll go through rest of the trends in the subsequent parts. Till then, happy developing!

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