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25 Jul 2014

Ecosmob’s 7th Anniversary Took Place With A Gamut Of Celebrations

Ecosmob celebrated its 7th anniversary with a series of announcements highlighting vision, strength and strong growth.

Events Have Just Kicked Off!
On 12th July, 2014, A spectacular event called EcoFest took place with tons of fun elements; wherein games were elevators of happiness. A whole event was an exciting milestone for all Ecosmobians. The employees were zealous and motivated towards innovation and positivity. The directors of Ecosmob shared an enthusiasm for continuous improvement and determination shown by every Ecosmobian. Highlights are included here.

Announcement of annual events:
Mr. Deepak Tripathi, HR manager of Ecosmob made a few announcements pertaining to EcoFest, wherein he explained how this annual event will start off with various games and celebrations. The event will be continued for next three months. Every Ecosmobian was asked to take part in games. Ecofest event started off with t-shirt distribution.

Games played by Ecosmobians:

The next part of games headed with segmentation of 5 different teams namely Octawings, Unitas, Vanguard, The Olympians and Ashta Vinayaka. Each team was asked to play general knowledge – quiz game. The rounds were pretty interesting as they were followed by logic and brain teasers! The team “Unitas” had won the quiz game. Thus it was enjoyed with all gusto and fun. The first segment ended up with snacks and cold drinks offered to Ecosmobians.

Wrapping Up:
Fun was unleashed when new joiners were asked to perform. Cake was cut by the team captains. There were charismatic elements of laughter, fun, frolic and giggling! Truly, the whole day was energetic, busy yet pleasing. The event was an epitome of merriment and integrity.

Take a glimpse of EcoFest:


Cake Cutting Ceremony:

EcoFest Videos:


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