Tailored Softswitch Solution For VoIP Carriers and Service Providers

Updated on: 16 Jun, 2023

VoIP business has really taken off in recent times. Markets today have VoIP service providers and VoIP operators serving wholesale traffic aggregation as well as serving retail end-users and operators. Internet service providers can bring value addition to their operations by incorporating VoIP services in their product portfolio. After all, they do have the necessary hardware infrastructure in place and all they need is tailored Softswitch solutions.

Depending on the type of VoIP business the carrier or VoIP service provider may opt for class 4 Softswitch or class 5 Softswitch. An ISP can offer wholesale services to resellers and can also offer VoIP services directly to end-users. VoIP soft switches tailored to their needs and business model from Ecosmob help them get started on the road to revenue generation.

Any service provider or carrier contemplating VoIP wholesale business would benefit from custom class 4 Softswitch to route traffic in volume to end-users and resellers. Class 4 Softswitch is specifically suited for billing features and robust call routing with features such as least cost routing and generating reports on all activities by individual clients including tracking. If a retail business is contemplated then the class 5 Softswitch installation is indispensable since this class of VoIP switch takes care of routing calls between end-users that may use IP phones or similar devices to connect, in addition to mobile connectivity. This class of Softswitch includes features like caller ID, call transfer, call waiting and forwarding, video conferencing, e-commerce, voice-mail, CDR reports, and the ability to handle simultaneous calls with exemplary audio quality.

Those looking to work mainly in the retail VoIP segment would benefit by opting for class 5 Softswitch solutions whereas wholesale business, which is something ISPs find more suited to their business model, would rely on class 4 Softswitch solutions that offer local and international connectivity and routing with excellent performance. Ecosmob excels in serving such service providers with white-label custom Softswitch solutions that are modular and scalable, including only those features that a client desires with options for future inclusions. Customization extends to language, theme, and inclusion of logos that enable a carrier to present the solution as his own and further his branding in the market. Features such as security and monitoring as well as tracking are part of the VoIP Softswitch development process to give clients peace of mind and prevent attempts at fraud. This, in turn, works to the advantage of carriers who can give similar assurances to their resellers or bulk users.

Ecosmob is an established player in the VoIP segment and has aggregated years of experience in serving global carriers, their feedback and inputs proving invaluable for refinement in the solution and superiority in performance along with ease of use. Speed to market is an important criterion, another area where Ecosmob excels since it already has block modules ready that can be incorporated into development for a client with the added benefit of cost-effectiveness and assured support from start to finish and beyond.

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