Benefits of Using a FreeSWITCH Billing Solution for Your Business

Updated on: 20 Jun, 2023
Benefits of Using A Freeswitch Billing Solution For Your Business

Everyone is using VoIP-based communication systems, from small businesses to multinational corporations. A business requires a VoIP communication system that is strong, dependable, and easily scalable. A VoIP-based communication solution can be developed on various platforms, but FreeSWITCH billing solution is the greatest of all.

In all VoIP businesses, using a VoIP billing system is typical. As a result, numerous VoIP billing software options exist on the market. One of the most often used VoIP billing solutions is the FreeSWITCH solution.

What is FreeSWITCH Billing?

A FreeSWITCH billing or FreeSWITCH-based VoIP billing platform is created when a proprietary or open-source VoIP billing solution uses FreeSWITCH as its primary technology. This particular open-source communications platform is of a unique type. It functions more like a sophisticated library than a straightforward program and is strong enough to carry out various activities for your company.

To decide whether to use the Freeswitch billing Voip providers’ assistance or not, you must understand the features of this system. It will be much simpler to give your customers better services, grow your business, and increase your earnings if you use this system with an equally powerful billing platform. The real-time FreeSWITCH billing VoIP providers can help you choose between different brands and price lists. It becomes easier for you to manage clients, unlimited calls, resellers, postpaid and prepaid accounts with the help of this system.

Let’s discuss the main benefits of adopting VoIP FreeSWITCH development solutions over alternatives.

Advantages of FreeSWITCH Billing Solution for Your Business

Whether you are one of the popular business VoIP providers or an international VoIP wholesale provider, you will need to use a proprietary or open-source billing solution. Using a custom FreeSWITCH development system has multiple advantages to offer.

Higher platform independence and compatibility

It is well known as an all-telephony platform for any kind of FreeSWITCH solution development. It is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, RHEL, Debian, CentOS/Fedora, and Debian. Additionally, it supports all programming languages, allowing for the development of front-ends and other modifications to the fundamental operation. This VoIP telephony platform supports Python, Lua, Perl, Java, JavaScript,.Net, C, and a wide variety of additional programming languages. As a result, it may be used for any VoIP FreeSWITCH development projects without any limitations or restrictions, making it a trustworthy cross-development platform.

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Open-source telecom billing platforms based on FreeSWITCH deliver high performance. The same infrastructure can support 500 concurrent calls, but Asterisk billing can only allow 250 concurrent calls. All wholesale, VoIP service providers, business VoIP providers, etc., can profit from this performance benefit.

Supports Multi-tenancy development

With the help of skilled FreeSWITCH development, it is simple to modify some built-in libraries in FreeSWITCH to produce a dependable, scalable, and robust multi-tenant solution. Using VoIP FreeSWITCH Development, you can design a VoIP solution that will open a new business revenue generation channel or utilize this characteristic and ease of implementation to create a system to connect your business branches to the main headquarters.

Cost saving

Using the same infrastructure and resources, retail and wholesale VoIP billing solutions based on FreeSWITCH deliver superior performance. For 500 concurrent calls, it requires a minimum configuration. It greatly aids in infrastructure and hardware cost savings. Comparatively speaking, a FreeSWITCH billing solution platform’s maintenance costs are relatively reasonable.

Handle different media

All sorts of media, including audio, video, text, fax, email, data, and signals, can be handled by FreeSWITCH. It has also been designed to function with a wide range of carriers, protocols, and codecs. As a result, any VoIP solution that supports different media streams, protocols, codecs, and pages can be built using the FreeSWITCH module development.

Reliable Approach

The number of Calls per Second (CPS) and Concurrent Calls available with the FreeSWITCH billing software is substantial. Additionally, it is equipped with some cutting-edge features to restart or refresh services to address specific performance obstacles. You can also implement load balancing and failover systems to ensure that your services are not affected if your server or system goes down for whatever reason. Clustering is another option for your system to have little to no downtime.


One of its main benefits is the high degree of scalability of the VoIP open-source FreeSWITCH billing system. Each element of the billing platform can be clustered. This offers excellent scalability and speeds up the scale-up process.

Withstand high volume without sacrificing quality

This VoIP communication platform’s incredible ability to handle several calls simultaneously is its USP. It can simultaneously take tens of thousands to millions of calls without sacrificing quality. The VoIP FreeSWITCH software development can be used to create a video calling solution that supports numerous simultaneous video calls in addition to voice calls.

Possess a modular structure

A FreeSWITCH specialist may readily tweak FreeSWITCH’s extremely modular architecture thanks to its open source status and popularity. Because of this, it’s the ideal foundation for creating scalable VoIP solutions independent of your vendors.

Innovative Aspects

The FreeSWITCH is equipped with all of the features other VoIP telephony platforms have. However, it is so appealing that it has many additional features not found in many other VoIP development platforms. Such as serial and parallel hunting, tone generation, in-band DTMF generation and detection, wideband conferencing, thread isolation, etc.

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Open-source VoIP billing platforms based on FreeSWITCH are created, so each call is handled individually with its resources while the core features manage shared resources via a layered API. The platform is more stable as a result.

Failover assistance

The most dependable failover and recovery method can be created using a FreeSWITCH-based open-source telecom billing solution to create a HA (High Availability) cluster.

Failing over and recovering are quick and straightforward since each component can have its cluster.

Closing Words

Any simple to complex VoIP solution can be developed using the FreeSWITCH platform. It would be best if you comprehend the specifics of its evolution. Contact us today if you want to create a trustworthy FreeSWITCH solution without the necessary experience. Our experts are always there to get your issue fixed on time.

Experience the Benefits of FreeSWITCH Billing for Your Business.

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