How MVNOs Benefit Telecom and Retail Domains?

Updated on: 16 Mar, 2023
How MVNOs Benefit Telecom and Retail Domains

The global pandemic and military crisis have created a great rift in the worldwide economy and communication needs. Telecom operators are addressing this issue by expanding their reach and supporting business recovery.

Today, MVNO solutions development is the fastest emerging trend across different segments like retail, telecom, business, lifestyle, M2M, and roaming. Typically, MVNOs are popular telecom partners, strengthening their position in the cross-industry partnership.

Traditionally, fueled by the ever-increasing consumer demand for better services, the nature of MVNOs is also changing. It brings the best of both worlds through reliability and high quality to technology-enabled solutions. Many enterprises rely mainly on MVNOs, and as per a report by Mordor Intelligence, the MVNO market growth is expected to reach USD 91.63 billion by 2026.

In this article, let us explore more insights about MVNO solutions development, some interesting facts, MVNO benefits, and use cases.

Mobile Virtual Network Operators Industry OverviewWhat is MVNO?

MVNOs, Mobile Virtual Network Operators, are the wireless communication service providers that hire the network infrastructure from MNOs ( Mobile Network Operators). They do not own the infrastructure or license to use the radio frequencies. Instead, they rent it from MNOs.

MVNOs are virtual services that rely entirely on MNO’s antenna network. Hence, they do not integrate RAN. Simply put, MNOs are the host for MVNOs.

The MVNO marketplace is blooming with the emergence of new technology trends such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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MVNO service providers are embracing digital transformations to bring multifold benefits out of every opportunity.

How MVNOs Benefit Telecom?

MVNO is the fastest-growing trend today, providing ample opportunities for telecom operators. It won’t be incorrect to say that telecom operators are the core players in the MVNO market. They support different MVNO enterprises in expanding their reach. Establishing MVNO solutions development helps telecom operators cater to the market’s needs.

Many regulators believe the MVNO model paves a cost-effective and time-efficient route for telecom operators to enter the market. This brings greater competition in the market that directly benefits the customer base. The Benefits and Market Value of MVNO For Telecom Operators will help you gain a better understanding.

The prevalence of MVNO solutions development is increasing in the telecom world. Here Communication Service Providers (CSP) use the MVNO in the telecom model in two distinct ways.

  • CSP as MVNO Providers

Communication service providers rent their wireless network infrastructure services to other companies. It shapes their business to become B2B & B2C oriented. This way, CSP attracts and engages a broad audience and generates good revenue. When CSPs function as MVNO providers, they bring a competitive edge to the MVNO market.

  • CSP as MVNO Clients

Do you know that big companies create their own MVNOs? Having your own MVNO is like making your brand engage a particular audience. It helps them in many ways-

  1. Large audience base to conduct version testing
  2. Easy to bring and channel new offers
  3. Convenient brand and repo building

The MVNO telecom operators (MVNO telecom solution providers) utilize the business models and bridge the gap in their offerings. MVNOs in the telecom business model can connect with multiple providers through different infrastructures.

The image below shows how MVNO telecom solution providers ensure service versatility worldwide.

MVNO telecom solution providersWhat Does Modern MVNO in Telecom Look Like?

Gone are the days when there were fixed monthly telecom plans. Today, when the market is so competitive, and customer retention is the priority of telecom operators, they believe in offering more customer-friendly plans. MVNO solutions development offers varied plans, payment models (pre-paid/post-paid), and distribution (online/retail/wireless store). Due to platform independence, MVNOs in telecom stand out and bring gains to careers, customers, and themselves.

How MVNOs Benefit Retail Domain?

MVNO solutions development has a meaningful existence in the retail world as well. The big sharks of the retail market, like IKEA, Walmart, and 7-eleven, have their MVNO solutions to facilitate accessible communication with the buyers and earn their loyalty to the brand.

The MVNO in retail paves an intelligent way to run customer-centric offers to clients. MVNO does this by accumulating and processing the client data in real time to understand the customer behavior, patterns, and user experience with the brand and services. This business model suits broad distributor networks like large enterprises and store chains.

The presence of MVNOs helps retailers boost their sales with

  • Cross/-up/selling
  • Scaling the business model
  • Multiplying the public reach

Since the retail market is highly competitive, the presence of MVNO solutions development gives the agility to retain buyers and offer custom solutions and omnichannel support. It enables close customer interaction for a personalized touch in the services. MVNO directly translates the brand value and promotes customer retention and cross-promotion.

Today, more and more retail companies realize the power of MVNOs in the diverse sector.


Here are some quick questions that will help you better understand MVNO-

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Certainly, MVNO is an exciting new chapter for the worldwide market driven by digital transformations. It is yet to see what more will unfold in the future. If you aim to be in the race, it is crucial to adopt the MVNO solutions to enjoy all of its benefits, agile model, and profitability.

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