Benefits of Customized VoIP Softswitch Solution for VoIP Service Providers

Updated on: 20 Jun, 2023
Benefits of Customized VoIP Softswitch Solution

VoIP service providers fall into two categories. One is the bulk service provider that serves the wholesale segment. The second is the retail service provider serving end users such as enterprises. There is yet another category made up of end users and retail users such as internet cafes served by the second or the first category.

Carriers and service providers realize the importance of providing such services due to the inherent advantages. They have the option of installing a packaged solution that works right out of the box and saves time. However, such solutions are usually expensive and the user is restricted by way of features available. A tailored VoIP Softswitch solution is better in several ways.

Include only important features and make the package compact and fast

Bulk carriers may wish to look at only Class 4 Softswitch with its many features such as intelligent call routing, geographic and nomadic routing, black-white list, LNP/MNP routing and emergency numbers routing with routing for class 5 and resellers. The difference in customized class 4 Softswitch is that only features that are of immediate use are incorporated. Bulk carriers may also wish for class 5 Softswitch incorporation to serve retail customers, in which case, again a custom solution that integrates both in a smooth manner results in better performance and customer satisfaction. Scalability and modularity are part of customization processes that result in cost efficiency as well.

White label for branding

One of the greatest benefits for bulk service providers is the facility of white-label class 4 and class 5 Softswitch. Carriers can push the solution as their own with better branding and inspire customer confidence, which is well worth the time and effort that goes into customized VoIP Softswitch development.

Custom reports, analytics, and billing

Yet another benefit of customization is that bulk carriers, as well as retail VoIP service providers, can opt for customized reports and billing. The language of the software can be adapted to suit the country of operation and include billing as well as tax features specific to that location. Reporting and analytics give them insights into customer behaviors and helps them fine-tune services to ensure customer loyalty and generate additional revenues while ensuring safety and security.

Pay as you go

Carriers and VoIP service providers need not install the solution in-house and invest in IT infrastructure as well as manpower. Hosted VoIP solutions are far more affordable with their pay-as-you-go model, scalability, and the added attraction of updates on a continuing basis.

Ecosmob offers extreme customization after detailed discussions with clients about their needs.

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