Benefits and Applications of Asterisk Solution for Your Business

Updated on: 5 Jun, 2024
Asterisk Solution

Asterisk is an open-source, Linux-based PBX software solution. Developers can customize it to the needs of the business. Because Asterisk’s solution is robust and economical, solutions built on it are incredibly cost-effective for the company because they lower running costs significantly. Regardless of the size of your business, Asterisk Development will benefit you because it offers a wide range of basic and advanced capabilities. Solutions based on Asterisk can help you compete in the industry regarding quality and professionalism.

One of the main advantages of Asterisk solution development is that you can combine it with various APIs, CRMs, and software applications already in use. It redefines and enhances the functionality of your enterprise.

What is Asterisk Development?

Developers employ the well-known Asterisk framework to create communication-based mobile and desktop applications. It is more akin to an ecosystem for corporate communications with calls based on internet connectivity.

Custom Asterisk development services help to set up system communication on both the internal and external levels. It also closes the communication gap between the organization’s various systems or departments. To reduce their company calling costs, the recruitment industries—especially those that operate internationally—need VoIP solutions.

How Does Asterisk Solution Benefit Your Business?

Your company now requires communication more than anything else, so having Asterisk Solutions is essential. Here are a few advantages your company may have using the best asterisk consulting services.

  • There are no license payments due to open source.
  • You no longer have to buy hardware from a single source.
  • Asterisk has capabilities beyond conventional PBXs. It has more functions than you might anticipate
  • You have control; you can add features or disable features.
  • The number of users does not constrain Asterisk; with the proper hardware in place, your system can support thousands of phones.
  • Most Asterisk versions have a web-based control panel for administration. (The better one is, the more logical.)
  • An Asterisk PBX may easily integrate with your existing network. Voice and data share the same network.

Applications of Asterisk Development Services

Asterisk solutions have been widely adopted across various industries, demonstrating their versatility and effectiveness in enhancing communication systems. 

Below are some real-world examples of how Asterisk can be successfully implemented. These examples highlight Asterisk’s adaptability to meet the specific needs of different sectors.

  • Healthcare: A custom telehealth solution that allows patients to connect with doctors remotely for consultations, appointments, and follow-up care.
  • Education: An automated calling system for schools to send emergency notifications, attendance reminders, or homework assignments.
  • Retail: An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for customers to check store hours, order products, or track their order status.

Some of the widely used, most popular applications of Asterisk solutions are:

In addition to these common applications of Asterisk, it can also be used to build innovative and unique solutions that set it apart from traditional telephony systems.

  • Voice integration with CRM systems: Asterisk can be integrated with a CRM system to log calls and create new leads or customer records automatically.
  • Click-to-call functionality for websites: Asterisk can be used to enable click-to-call functionality on a website, allowing visitors to connect with a sales representative with a single click.

These applications showcase the advanced capabilities of Asterisk, making it a powerful tool for modern communication needs.

To further illustrate how Asterisk can be tailored to meet specific business challenges, let’s consider a project we successfully delivered for one of our clients:

Innovii, a VAS/OSS/BSS solutions provider, faced challenges with their existing USSD or mobile app system, which their customers found inconvenient. Ecosmob developed a customized IVR solution integrated with VAS APIs, allowing customers to subscribe to or unsubscribe from services easily. This Asterisk-based IVR system significantly improved customer experience by providing a more user-friendly and efficient way to manage services.

You can also hire Asterisk developers from us with these industries’ expertise and in-depth knowledge.

Why Use Asterisk for VoIP Development?

Asterisk is a powerful, free, open-source framework that empowers businesses to build custom VoIP solutions. Unlike traditional systems, Asterisk offers complete control and customization. Asterisk is used for VoIP development by various kinds of companies of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises and government agencies worldwide, for its cost-effectiveness, scalability, and feature richness.

It supports VoIP gateways, voicemail servers, call centers, IP PBX systems, and other custom Asterisk applications.


Being free and open-source, using Asterisk for VoIP eliminates the need for expensive licensing fees. 

Additionally, Asterisk PBX systems can leverage existing hardware, reducing infrastructure costs compared to proprietary PBX systems. Businesses can further save money by avoiding vendor lock-in and the associated ongoing maintenance fees.


Linux probably comes to mind when you hear the term “open-source.” Like Windows or Mac, Linux is a powerful computer operating system that powers most of the world’s web servers. Businesses widely use it, like Google and SpaceX.

Digium Inc. developed Asterisk in 1999. It is an open-source software PBX that may function on various Linux and macOS versions. The most significant advantage of using Asterisk PBX is the lack of license fees due to the software’s open-source nature.

Asterisk is Flexible

Asterisk is a feature-rich platform that allows for a great deal of customization. It can scale to support businesses with hundreds or even thousands of users. Asterisk enables a developer to incorporate many unique telephony features that characterize the modern IP-PBX.

A developer with expertise in asterisk application development can build features like voicemail-to-email integration, paging, and presence. An Asterisk administrator has complete control over the PBX feature set. However, “closed-source” PBXs may permit only some features to be built with a new software release or purchased license.

Asterisk As a Core

Like Linux provides the base for operating systems like AndroidOS, Asterisk is the base for several PBXs used today. Some of the examples are FreePBX and Digium’s own Switchvox. FreePBX is free, open-source software, as suggested by its name. Although more advanced options like Switchvox may not be free, they offer a seamless user experience.

Asterisk Challenges

Asterisk offers immense potential for businesses seeking a customizable and cost-effective VoIP solution. However, deploying and managing Asterisk can present significant challenges, especially before deployment. 

The official Asterisk website states, “Asterisk is built by and for communication systems developers.” This hints at the level of experience needed to manage Asterisk software development.

Here’s a closer look at some of the challenges you may face:

Challenge #1: Skill and Expertise Requirements

Asterisk requires a high level of technical expertise to install, configure, and maintain. The system’s complexity means it can take years to master the necessary skills to deploy Asterisk effectively. 

Challenge #2: Lack of Built-in Support 

Unlike vendor-provided PBX solutions, Asterisk does not come with built-in support or warranties. Users must often purchase support separately, making troubleshooting more challenging and potentially leading to increased downtime and operational inefficiencies.

Challenge #3: Integration and Customization 

Integrating Asterisk with existing systems and customizing it to your business’ specific needs can be challenging. The open-source nature of Asterisk means there are no out-of-the-box solutions; each implementation requires detailed customization, which can be time-consuming and complex.

How Ecosmob Helps You Overcome These Challenges

Our highly experienced team handles complexities, offering you a worry-free VoIP experience.

  • Expert Development Team: Ecosmob’s skilled Asterisk developers ensure seamless installation and configuration, handling complexities to make your Asterisk application run smoothly. 
  • Dedicated Support: Ecosmob offers dedicated Asterisk support services to assist with any issues, ensuring your Asterisk solution operates without interruptions.
  • Comprehensive Integration Services: We specialize in integrating Asterisk with various APIs, CRMs, and other software applications, tailoring the solution to your needs.

By proactively addressing these challenges, Ecosmob ensures that your transition to an Asterisk-based solution is smooth and efficient, helping you leverage the full potential of this powerful communication tool.

An Overview of Asterisk Based VoIP System

Asterisk is different than other similar frameworks for many reasons. The most fundamental difference is the software approach. It routes and controls VoIP packets in software rather than switching analog lines in hardware. Asterisk application development offers more features than what one might expect from a traditional PBX. Paging, Interactive voice replies (IVR), Conferencing, Voicemail, and Music on Hold are just a few of the capabilities available to users. To sum up all, Asterisk solution user can:

  • Provide basic support to Digital and Analogue phones.
  • Build a call routing logic to select the least expensive way to route a specific call.
  • Send incoming and outgoing voice calls over the telephone network or online.
  • Offer teleconferencing and voicemail services
  • Make complex or basic interactive menus
  • Operate call centers with small or large queues
  • Announcing to callers the anticipated hold duration
  • Call others on the system applications.


With its powerful PBX features, Asterisk Solutions set the stage for developing interactive VoIP-based communication tools. It can create a wide range of communication and collaboration solutions for businesses of all sizes. With the advancement in the communication industry, Asterisk development has become the industry standard in modern VoIP PBX systems. Ecosmob team has the expertise of the technology and a solution made for the education industry using the same. If you want to know more about our Asterisk development services, mail us at

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