Ecosmob Launch Smart Asterisk Conferencing Solution for Education

Ecosmob Launch Smart Asterisk Conferencing Solution for Education

The Covid crisis makes us lose sight of education, a priority sector. Schools and colleges are closed and the future of a generation is at stake. Ecosmob’s Asterisk Conferencing Solution brings hope and a way out for education to continue online.

Ecosmob, global VoIP tech leaders, announce launch of smart Asterisk Conferencing Solution specifically developed for education and to enable institutions to reach out to everyone, even in rural areas with poor internet. “Asterisk Conferencing Solution is designed to be easy to use, even by children and novices and to work on any device, even the cheapest smartphones with low spec.”

Ecosmob has put in years of work on the Asterisk platform, developing custom IP PBX, SMS, call center solutions and IVRs. The conferencing solution was redesigned using existing Asterisk modules with several objectives in mind. One is that it should be easy to use, even by school children, on smartphones or basic laptops. The second priority area is that the present solution works well, with seamless, jitter-free video and clear audio, regardless of internet connection type and speed. The third is that it allows one to one, one to many interactions as well as facility to “whiteboard” and share documents. The fourth feature is recording so that students can refer and learn. The fifth important factor is that the solution should scale up or down and be affordable to purchase and to use. A little bit of AI and ML was incorporated to give the solution smart features and mobility gave users chance to push notifications and announcements.

The software can be used as an app on mobiles and this permits institutions to send push notifications to alert students about classes and timings.

Ecosmob offers this newly revamped Asterisk conferencing solution for in-premise use and as a hosted solution. The latter model involves no upfront investment and even small institutes that conduct coaching classes can subscribe, pay as they go and keep alive educational activities as well as their revenue streams. Ecosmob’s conferencing solution assures continuity despite the pandemic roadblock.

Ecosmob came up with this modified and enhanced Asterisk conferencing solution in the interest of students, in the interest of education and for the nation. “We cannot afford to waste time and wait for the situation to improve. Studies must continue. The future of children is at stake. Ecosmob offers this solution for education online at the best price and concessional rates,” said the VP of the company.

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