5 Ways AI is Redefining VoIP Software Development

Updated on: 3 May, 2023
5 Ways AI Is Redefining VoIP Software Development

Businesses are adopting VoIP development services for seamless communication. While VoIP app development has become an integral part of business operation, its collaboration with Artificial Intelligence (AI) has further advanced the automation and efficiency of businesses. According to a recent survey, 91% of top companies invest in AI to drive business efficiency.

VoIP technology is a fast-growing industry, and so is AI. The global AI market is expected to be worth $641.3  billion by 2028. Businesses realize that AI in VoIP can unlock tremendous opportunities as it automates tasks and helps make smarter decisions. AI has come up as a technology that reduces errors while replicating human behavior. Let’s look into how AI contributes to the future of custom VoIP development.

Supports Contact Center Operations

A VoIP development company offers several features to make customer service more convenient. However, integrating AI in VoIP further enhances its capabilities. It helps in reducing human intervention while automating tasks to free your resources to focus on resolving customer issues. 

AI-integrated VoIP technology also automate the task of call monitoring. It automatically analyses the call data to derive actionable insights into customer emotions, moods, and the nature of their query.  It utilizes voice analysis to screen and route calls automatically to the most appropriate department and agent. 

Additionally, AI in VoIP development services contributes significantly to enhancing the quality of service (QoS). It analyses the data of average call handling time, abandonment rate, first call resolution rate, etc., to produce reports. This task would otherwise require a lot of time and effort. Moreover, it also strengthens contact center operations by analyzing the agent’s performance by evaluating multiple KPIs. 

Improve IVR systems

Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs) have become popular in telecom and VoIP industry. It create a virtual waiting room for a positive customer experience and helps businesses thrive through effective communication. The emergence of AI in VoIP has transformed the business perspective. It has the potential to integrate a more human-like approach to conversations.

Custom VoIP development with AI integration serves the business more than a traditional IVR system.IVR is not just repeating “Your call is important to us” anymore. It goes one step further to understand the caller’s concern and connect them to the right agent. Moreover, it collects the caller’s data and provides it to the agent to eliminate the customer’s frustration of repeating their issue again and again.

Enhances Conference Calling 

VoIP app development not only facilitates external communication but also plays a significant role in strengthening the business’s internal communication.  As business moves toward remote and hybrid work models, it is essential to adopt VoIP services that facilitate team collaboration through enhanced call conferencing facilities. AI technology can further advance VoIP development through robust web conferencing benefits. For instance, it facilitates communication in meetings through real-time translations and keyword detection. Therefore, you can save costs on translators while communicating with clients from different countries.

AI-integrated VoIP software development also leverages speech analytics boosting the employees’ productivity. This analytics derives meeting summaries and creates the list of the tasks assigned to specific employees as discussed in the meeting. It eliminates the need for employees to listen to meeting recordings several times to understand their role.

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Establishes self-service capabilities with chatbots

By 2025, conversational AI chatbots will execute more than 95% of customer interactions. Chatbots have become a part of VoIP software development to provide prompt customer support. AI has enhanced the potential of chatbots by humanizing customer interactions. Moreover, it has helped businesses reduce the cost of giving any time, any day customer service.

Conversation AI chatbots enhance the customer experience by analyzing emotions and replicating the human approach to lead a human-like conversation with the customers. Custom VoIP development can integrate AI capabilities for chatbots to provide a consistent customer experience. These chatbots enhance the self-service capabilities by giving the resolution of simple problems.  Moreover,  AI chatbots leverage predictive intelligence and sentiment analysis to generate answers. It is an excellent tool for personalizing conversations with customers.

AI chatbots also serve as a management tool for internal business communication. It automates tasks like scheduling meetings, arranging conferences by inviting attendees, welcoming guests, etc.

Strengthens Marketing Campaigns

AI integration into VoIP allows for analyzing customer data more effectively. It undertakes call analytics to provide essential insights into customer behavior. Moreover, it facilitates real-time call analytics to equip the agent with information that helps understand the customer issue correctly and resolve it quickly.

AI integrated VoIP app development enables detection of call patterns and identifies frequently used phrases as keywords to provide data-driven insights for marketing campaigns. It helps to optimize marketing strategies by uncovering the common questions and problems the customers are searching for. Moreover, it helps formulate a content strategy to answer these common queries.

Why use AI in your VoIP software development?

AI-integrated VoIP development bestows multiple benefits to the business, such as follows.

  • Reduce latency

Latency is a common challenge for existing VoIP systems. AI enables businesses to reduce latency through quicker processing speed. Therefore, AI integration in VoIP solution development can help companies to accelerate data processing speed.

  • Boost productivity

AI-integrated VoIP app development automates repetitive manual tasks to enable your workforce to focus on their core business. Moreover, it boosts the agents’ productivity by providing the correct information at the right time. 61% of employees stated that AI integration had improved their productivity by unburdening them from mundane tasks. Moreover, AI improves agent performance through real-time call monitoring. For instance, if an agent is speaking too fast, AI prompts it on the screen to slow down. 

  • Resolve lower bandwidth issue

Low bandwidth can drastically hamper the customer experience. AI integration into VoIP solution development quickly detects a low-bandwidth issue and resolves it without any human intervention. Moreover, it also enables the resolution of wrong network configurations.

  • Integrate Smart routing

Optimizing the call routing strategy is one of the best ways to enhance the VoIP system’s efficiency. AI can evaluate several factors to develop an intelligent routing strategy. It analyses essential information from vast volumes of calls to derive a strategy to minimize routing costs. Moreover, it accelerates call resolution by matching the customer profile with agent skills. Consequently, it reduces call duration and enhances the customer service experience.

  • Eliminate Integration Issues

A business requires the integration of multiple business tools with its VoIP system. With the help of AI, the integration becomes seamless. For instance, if any trouble occurs while integrating your CRM with a VoIP system, AI detects the issue and fixes it quickly without any human interference.

  • Discover patterns

Integration of AI in VoIP software development allows AI to access and analyze communication and relevant data shared through the system. This enables AI to realize work patterns and use this information for business advancement. For instance, if a meeting is scheduled every Monday with the same attendees, AI adds the discussion to the attendees’ calendars. Therefore, it eliminates the preparation time and repetition of manually arranging the meeting and inviting the attendees every week. AI is an effective technology to streamline business operations by detecting patterns.

  • Improve customer satisfaction rate

Customer satisfaction has always been a priority of business. AI-enabled VoIP software facilitates better communication through immediate response and consistent experience through multiple channels. It also enables personal communication that contributes significantly to improving customer satisfaction rates. AI integration can save you from the risk of losing 74% of customers who expect a consistent experience through different channels.

  • Gain a competitive edge

AI serves as an efficiency driver for a VoIP development company. It effectively automates tasks, integrates customer information, and manages large volumes of calls. AI integrated VoIP software development strengthens the communication system and decision-making. Therefore, it enables a business to stay ahead of its competitors by delivering consistent customer service.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the landscape of VoIP development. From voice recognition and natural language processing to predictive analytics and machine learning, AI is helping custom VoIP development to create more powerful and user-friendly applications. As we move into the future, we can expect even more innovative applications of this technology in the VoIP realm. Ecosmob is a reliable VoIP development company that caters to the communication needs of businesses of all sizes.

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