6 Ways to Amplify VOIP Call Quality

Updated on: 27 Nov, 2021
6 Ways to Amplify VOIP Call Quality

Today, VoIP is an essential and widely accepted business communications technology. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)  helps make business communication quick, flexible, and affordable. VoIP is also more broadly known as Real-Time Communications, and its technology leverages the internet to deliver voice video and collaboration/screen share sessions.  When an internet-enabled device sends an audio message, it gets converted into a digitized stream and compressed into data packets. Each packet contains the digital equivalent of 10-40 ms of audio. The individual data packets are sent out consecutively through the user’s device, the router, and the VoIP software’s media server. This entire process persists through a carrier network, all the way to a recipient’s device. After the receiver receives the message, the process repeats in the reverse direction.

Reasons Why Businesses opt for VoIP solutions

Some of the key benefits that prompt businesses to use VoIP solutions include:

  • Increased accessibility
  • Lower call rates
  • Portability
  • Improved voice quality
  • Multitasking support

VoIP technology offers numerous benefits that make it superior to traditional phone systems. However, VoIP also has challenges. One example is poor call quality. Different types of VoIP issues like call latency, network congestion, and jitter can negatively affect the quality of VoIP calls.

How to Improve VoIP Call Quality?

Below mentioned are some of the key ways to improve the VoIP call quality to make the business communication system more robust and flawless, have a look:

  • Choose Superior Quality Hardware

    To avail the maximum benefit of VoIP technology, businesses must use quality hardware. Poor quality hardware like microphones, headsets, or other devices are usually made of inferior quality materials. Thin wiring and poor cabling quality affects the quality of VoIP calls. Besides, these are also less durable. One cannot expect better performance from poor-quality hardware. Thus, it is better to invest in good quality hardware even if it is a little costly. 

  • Ensure adequate  Bandwidth

    The quality of VoIP calls can be enhanced by increasing the broadband bandwidth for voice calls. By reducing the usage of bandwidth (minimizing downloads, startup programs, and simultaneous calls), users can get improved VoIP call quality. Besides, all the important updates, downloading, and the relevant tasks must be performed off when the internet connection is not getting any additional load. 

  • Decrease Jitter

The VoIP phone system breaks the user’s voice into different data packets before transmitting it to the recipients. These data packets may take different paths to hit their destination resulting in receiving data in the improper or wrong order. This further leads to poor-quality voice calls. Jitter buffers allow users to store voice data packets to transmit them to the right destination in proper order. 

  • Minimize WLAN Frequency

    Users using a wireless connection in their VoIP system can minimize the frequency of WLAN to improve the quality of VoIP calls. Many modern routers allow users to get the option of 2.4 GHz or 5.0 GHz. For data transfer with fast speed, higher frequency is an apt solution. However, if range and consistency is the main concern, 2.4 GHz is a better choice. Thus, if there is an issue of low audio calls, it will be good to shift to a lower frequency for improved results. 

  • Pay attention to  Router functionality

    The router must have the superior processing power and be able to deal with packet prioritization. An advanced router helps to enhance the quality of VoIP calls. 


All the tips mentioned above are very useful in delivering VoIP call quality. It is important to choose a professional VoIP Development partner that provides custom VoIP solutions to meet the specific needs of businesses. Ecosmob is an experienced VoIP company that delivers the best possible VoIP business solutions to clients for over 14 years across various countries. We invite you to contact Ecosmob and leverage our team’s experience and knowledge as VoIP experts.