Wide Ranging Uses of AI Face Recognition Technology Makes it a Must Have

Updated on: 27 Oct, 2022

The importance of face recognition is growing since it has some advantages compared to biometrics. AI-infused Face Recognition technologies can pick a person from a crowd from a distance and it can help identify a person even when disguised. Given just how useful it is in so many different areas Face Recognition with artificial intelligence technology is a must-have for your enterprise or institution. Engage the right AI-based Face Recognition solution development service and you will see a dramatic improvement in your specific area of interest.


Security is a prime requirement for retail businesses, for enterprise-level businesses, for governments, and for law enforcement. Face recognition technology becomes more accurate and precise when AI is blended in with deep learning and machine learning. It can help you to match faces from existing records using photographs or video. Apart from being able to identify law breakers, this technology can also be used to permit access. You will not need a fingerprint or eye recognition or passwords. Governments can use it in various areas besides security such as tax collection and land records as well as voting. Another use case is passports and visa based on face recognition. Even banks can benefit as can their customers since the face recognition technology can be incorporated into ATMs for cash withdrawal and in other areas.

Customer recognition

The usual way to identify a customer in business is by asking for details, through login and by calling up records from CRM. Switch to face recognition technology and you will not need any of these. A customer’s face is all that is necessary for recognition and take the matter forward. Just imagine how delighted your customers will be. It will also, as a side benefit, help prevent frauds when an unauthorized person steals the ID of the genuine user to carry out transactions. Give priority to including AI-Face Recognition and take a giant step in delivering customer delight. You only need to engage experts in AI integration to give you the next-generation customer service platform.

There are other areas too in a business where AI face recognition can be quite useful such as recognizing faces in a crowd, knowing the gender and age and delivering targeted ads.


The healthcare industry stands to gain a lot by implementing an AI-powered Face Recognition platform. It is not just security and access that becomes easy and refined; doctors can get a report about the likely illness of a patient from the software. It does quite a bit of machine training to get the software to be able to diagnose conditions based on facial appearance and symptoms but it is the way forward. As an aside, when a doctor conducts a virtual face to face consultation with a patient the software automatically recognizes patients and digs up their records.

Not all AI implementations in face recognition are equal or accurate enough. You do really need an expert with in-depth experience in deep learning and machine learning as well as the use of the right platform in order to come up with the best AI face recognition solution.

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