Why You Must Have Artificial Intelligence In Your IT Operations

Updated on: 28 Oct, 2022

Artificial Intelligence has made inroads into software you use in your business but this is just the start. It is also possible that you may still be using software that does not have any artificial intelligence or machine learning features. If this so, then it is time to rope in artificial intelligence development services to make your IT operations smarter, intelligent and more capable as they mature. That is just one reason to have AI & ML. there are plenty of others.

Smarter applications

Your software becomes smarter, easier to use and a productivity booster when you engage artificial intelligence development services for a variety of apps.

CRM: Your CRM probably is at the core of all your marketing activities. Imagine a CRM that is not dumb but learns to recognize customers, their moods and requirements and directs the call to someone who can resolve it or even provide interactive resolution through the chatbot. Natural language processing, speech to text and vice versa, language translations and predictive analysis are but a few of the benefits of infusing your existing software with artificial intelligence.

Voice commands: Operators in enterprises have to input commands using a keyboard and this can become a chore for those not familiar with keyboards. Enter AI and its capability to endow software with the ability to handle voice commands as inputs. An executive can simply issue voice commands and get the software to generate reports or charts or even help to resolve decision making. Think of Microsoft Dynamics that already has some AI & ML and take it a step further. The whole package becomes a delight to use besides providing more incisive outputs.

Ecosmob’s artificial intelligence development services help enterprises transform existing software into more powerful and easy to use packages that grow and evolve. However, this is not the only area in which the company’s AI development services are available. Their other target is software developers.

AI development for software developers

There are thousands of developers who continue to follow traditional methods of coding. Needless to say, the performance is restricted to what the software is designed to do and such software does have limitations. Developers are aware of the need to integrate AI but these technologies are different and a challenge for them. This is where Ecosmob steps in and provides AI development services that raise software to greater levels, speed up development and even automate development. Ecosmob provides AI services for deep learning, machine learning, speech-related development, image, and machine vision as well as robotics. The standard software development path is based on a set of rules but AI/ML helps systems to acquire a learning model and deductive pattern. AI introduces a shift in software development and helps developers avoid the need to write complex programs and then analyze them for performance. Instead, with Ecosmob’s help, AI can introduce neural network patterns with the help of machine learning leading to shorter development times and better performance with more features.

A summary of benefits for developers:

  • AI development can come up with intelligent programming assistants that can debug code and make suitable recommendations
  • Prototyping speeds up
  • AI takes care of error handling and analysis of codes, even suggesting the right ones
  • Code can be analyzed and refactored
  • AI can even assist in predicting timelines for completion and costs
  • AI with ML can assist developers to make the right decision by offering recommendations on prioritizing features.
  • Ecosmob’s AI can be used in debugging and testing, working infinitely better and faster than humans can do.

Ecosmob’s undisputed expertise in AI, ML, and deep learning as well as its expertise in Dynamics, KNIME, Docker, Kubernetes, TensorFlow, and Hyperledger assists the business as well as developers with the right services to take them to the next level.

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