Why Laravel Web Development is Preferable for Enterprise Websites

Updated on: 7 Apr, 2023

In today’s challenging business scenario, every entrepreneur feels the need of online presence for spreading business and handling ever-growing competition. These days, thanks to advancing web technology, there are several platforms available for developing feature-rich websites and web applications, but out of them, PHP stays the most in-demand framework since inception.

What is Laravel?

Laravel is a PHP framework, an intermediate system that intercepts requests and processes them. It delivers MVC pattern implementation, which separates code logics from HTML.  It also manages the logic and the styling of our web application. It enhances the security of web applications as it stands in the front and we can implement any security rules from the front level. In other words, Laravel platform separates business logic code from the presentation to facilitate developers to make feature-rich, futuristic websites and web apps.

Laravel developers have come up with 14 version upgrades to date. Recently its latest upgrade Laravel 5.5 was launched. Unarguably, Laravel is proven to be the best PHP platform that makes PHP more powerful and faster than ever.

Laravel Features:

Laravel platform offers a plethora of features. Some of them are mentioned below:

  1. Automatic pagination
  2. MVC architecture support
  3. Migration system for database
  4. Modular framework
  5. Artisan
  6. Routing caching
  7. Multiple file system

Let’s have a glimpse on how Laravel benefits companies:

Fast, secure and clear documentation- Laravel facilitates rapid web development with MVC (Model View Controller) support. The documentation is clear and easy-to-understand with enhanced security that ensures the seamless performance of both websites and web apps. Companies can get customized website in a short time with Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping).

  • Enhanced flexibility- Every important component of Laravel is readily extendable and injectable for offering more flexibility and customization. The platform offers reusable and maintainable code for developing easy-to-customize websites and web applications. The framework offers well-organized codes with object-oriented libraries.
  • Regular updates- A robust Laravel platform brings regular updates for making websites capable of handling changing business requirements. Upgraded versions can also provide additional security against malware and cyber attacks. The platform also brings new features.
  • Dynamic apps- It is easy to create small to very big web applications with Laravel. The platform offers a secure and robust API building structure for developing dynamic web apps and hybrid apps suitable for different business requirements.
  • Competitive edge- Artisan and other development-friendly advanced tools of Laravel enable entrepreneurs to reduce TTM (Time to Market) in deploying tailored websites and web applications. In a way, Laravel offers a competitive edge to entrepreneurs. Laravel offers a blend of productivity and security to assist business persons to stay ahead of the curve.

Laravel has many features like Restful controllers, unit testing, and autoloading facility that make this platform a preferable one among developers and entrepreneurs alike.
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