Why insurance companies need Mobile Application development services

Updated on: 15 Mar, 2023
Insurance Company Mobile App development

A mobile app is a must for Insurance nowadays. We can prove it in a way or the other. In the present world, more than 80% of people are using mobile phones. According to a survey, users spend about 86% of the internet time on their apps. This is small wonder as modern smartphones can solve most of the problems in just a few clicks. This happens in every area, including the Insurance sector also.

Insurance mobile app development is an important way to increase the productivity of the business.
Android apps development is beneficial to both participants including:-

  • Both clients and owners
  • Employees of the company

Let us see how the idea of developing a mobile app for an insurance company is a cool and profitable one.

The demand for Insurance app development

To implement mobile technology into your insurance business, you must first understand the level of demand for mobile app development in the Insurance sector.

As stated in the KPMG report, until 2016, insurance apps were not so popular. The insurance company during that time were not ready to accept such technology transformation.

However, in 2017, the demand for national insurance mobile apps have increased. This is because of the emerging markets in the country. However, the year 2017 was just the beginning. In 2018, the situation improved largely, and the forecast for the next year was rising. By the latest estimate in 2019, the demand could increase with the extent of up to 4%.

Types of Mobile Insurance Apps

Mobile insurance apps may vary according to the niche of your business. The types of apps can be:-

  • Life insurance apps
  • Health insurance apps
  • Travel insurance apps
  • Car insurance apps

Benefits of Insurance apps for users

Let us discuss some of the key benefits that the user gets by using insurance apps:-

Online consultation

It’s not every time that a person can find a time and visit the company for consultation. Therefore, mobile app usage helps to fill the gap between the two.

Convenient data storage

Apps can store all the relevant and important information related to various insurance policies in one place.

Determination of location

The insurance app consists of a geolocation function, which helps the customer to call the agent at the scene of the incident. (In case if the person is unsure about the location)

Detailed and timely Instructions

In the event of an accident, a customer will immediately get the information about his further steps.

Benefits of a mobile application for the insurance company

Now, let us talk about the benefits of a mobile application for an insurance company: –

Automation in process

Modern IT tools simplify and automate all your business processes.

Constant communication

The cost involved in mobile app development will surely pay off as the agent will be able to communicate with the customer round the clock.

Customer base growth

The number of mobile and internet users is overgrowing. So, to increase the customer base, the company should upgrade accordingly. This will help insurance companies to promote their insurance services to a large population.

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