Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics For Construction Industry

Updated on: 1 Mar, 2023

Dynamics 365 for Construction industry helps businesses to boost profitability by enhancing customer service and contractors relationship management. It also facilitates executed projects invoicing, and expenses control while integrating information from the various departments of the enterprise.

Microsoft offers Dynamics 365 solutions for construction industry verticals is an innovative approach to handle the business operations efficiently. The solution guarantees flexible instruments and project management methods for efficient organization and organization of time, equipment, materials, and workforce.

Here are the top reasons that indicate that Microsoft Dynamics is the right solutions to manage business operations construction business;


Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers to centralize solutions to deliver the information to your field employees whenever you require it. It’s simple to access, and instead of calling or visiting the project site, you can simply be sent project information to mobile devices like cell phones, laptops, and tablets, anywhere at any time.

Streamlined bidding

Microsoft Dynamics solutions make it easier to handle workflows and centralized document management. Hence, it will be simpler for your team to contribute to and review RFPs, RFIs, and RFQs on time. Track submittals and transmittals for accuracy and not to miss any important details while placing bidding. so nothing falls through the cracks.

Manage schedules

As you need to handle wider workforce in the construction business, Microsoft solutions offer a simple schedule management process. With a drag-and-drop schedule board, you easily execute resource management. Besides, you can monitor the right workforce, equipment, and assets are working on the right projects along with the highest valued customers are receiving prioritized attention.

Enhance document control

Documentation is essential for all businesses, especially for construction projects. Microsoft Dynamics solutions allow you to manage blueprints, invoices, and customer information with stringent controls over all the records you maintain. Also, with streamlined management, you will be able to assure continuity and consistency across all teams and departments in your business.

Real-time dashboards

Microsoft Dynamics 365 renders dashboards with insightful data and analytics reports so that you can track the performance. With the dashboard you can clearly glance through KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of the projects you are handling. And, you can simply follow KPIs to take a proactive stand with project actions and avoid pitfalls.

Focus on your core business

Microsoft offers both cloud-based and on-premises business systems with innovative technology that is not burdensome for your IT team. Reduce up-front expenses, dodge downtime while upgrades and let IT focus on recognizing other value-added technology to strengthen operations and support business growth. Additionally, with the fetched data you can make informed decisions and stay focused on the core business operations to boost productivity and efficiencies.

In short, Microsoft Dynamics for the Construction industry is a comprehensive business software solution exclusively designed for those who work in the building industry (contractors, builders, suppliers, and many more). Generally, companies in the construction industry supply chain face special requirements, for example, information from different business processes such as finance & accounting, workforce management, project management, inventory or equipment management, content management, and order and delivery management that can all present analytics for business administrators. Because Dynamics combines the financial side of the business with every other process, you can easily track each cost throughout the whole project lifecycle along with other construction management tools.

Moreover, have a look at the key benefits of Microsoft Dynamics for the construction industry;

– Keep track records of project bids and follow up activities

– Real-time access to entire business operation including work in progress at a project site

– Improved visibility and scheduling for the available workforce

– Streamlined supply inventory and equipment management

– Track time and labor spent on each project

– Real-time dashboard access to insightful business data

– Efficiently manage throughout the Pre & Post construction and procurement Process with optimal visibility

– Advance project executions, and mitigate growing operational or financial risks

– Makes it easier for you to finish projects on time and within the defined budget

Hence, Microsoft Dynamics is an idle choice to manage entire business operations for the construction industry. If you want to streamline project management or perform any task of construction business efficiently, Microsoft dynamics 365 is for you.

At Ecosmob, as a certified partner of Microsoft, we offer customized solutions for Microsoft Dynamics to empower business operations of your construction business. Whether you want to get on-premise or cloud-based integration, we can offer robust solutions. Connect with us to get more details on how your business gets benefits through Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

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