Which Programming Language is the Best For Web App Development- Node.JS or Python?

Updated on: 13 May, 2022
Node.JS VS Python

Node.JS and Python are some of the most popular and powerful backend tools that are widely used for the development of web applications. Both these technologies are considered as the best programming language due to their ease of use and advanced features. Node.JS is quite a well-established technology whereas Python is a relatively new technology that has gained huge popularity amongst various developers. A number of websites with a huge volume of traffic such as LinkedIn, Walmart, eBay, General Electric, Paypal, GoDaddy, Microsoft, Netflix, Uber, Wikipins, Yahoo, Groupon, and many others are using Node.JS programming language to manage their website. On the other hand, Python is also being utilized by various popular companies such as Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, Spotify, etc.

As both Node.JS and Python programming languages are perfect for web-app development, it might become confusing while choosing one over the other. Let’s look at both these technologies in detail:

Node.JS Programming Language

Node.JS also known as Node is an open-source, cross-platform, and event-driven technology that is highly preferred by developers to use JavaScript on both clients and server-side. Released under the MIT license, it is easy to start and perfect for prototyping and agile development. Node is highly scalable, data-intensive, and real-time backend technology, thus facilitating exceptional efficiencies to the project. Moreover, its asynchronous environment allows developers to handle simultaneous requests without blocking the input and output operations. Different types of Node.JS development services that are widely in demand these days include-

• API gateway development
• Node.JS migration
• Plug-ins development
• API development
• Node.JS expert consultation
• Custom Node.JS Development

Features of Node.JS

Some of the key features of Node.JS that makes it the most preferred programming language and an exceptional back-end development technology include:

• Asynchronous and Event-Driven Programming: All the APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) of the Node.JS library are asynchronous, which allows easy handling of concurrent requests without blocking the I/O (Input/Output) operations. Whenever a Node gets a request for an input and output operation, it will carry out that task effortlessly while planning other tasks.

• Quick Code Execution: Since Node.JS is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine, it facilitates quick and efficient code execution.

• Highly Scalable: Although Node.JS is single-threaded, it is a highly scalable solution. It utilizes a single-threaded model with event looping. As compared to traditional servers that generate limited threads to manage requests, the event-driven system of Node allows the server to respond in a non-blocking approach while making the server highly scalable. Unlike traditional servers such as Apache HTTP Server, the technology utilizes a single-threaded program which can further be utilized to provide service to a much larger number of requests.

• No Data Buffering: The applications developed using Node.JS provide data in chunks, thus eliminates the chances of data buffering.

Python Programming Language

Python is a high-level, object-oriented, programming language with dynamic semantics. It consists of data structures along with dynamic typing and binding properties which makes it an ideal solution for rapid application development. Additionally, it acts as the best language for connecting existing components together. The easy-to-learn syntax of Python language makes it simple and readable, thus leading to reduced program maintenance costs. Additionally, Python language supports modules and packages that further promote program modularity and code re-usage. Some of the key Python development services that are high in demand these days include:

• CMS development
• Python Integration
• Python web development
• Python applications development
• Python programming
• E-commerce development

Features of Python

Some of the key features of Python that makes it one of the best programming languages include:
• Easy coding: Though Python language is a high-level programming language; it is quite easy to learn as compared to other programming languages. With this language, developers need not to write complex codes. They just need to work with fewer lines of code. Due to this reason, it is widely preferred by a large number of developers.

• Object-Oriented: Python is an object-oriented language that supports concepts of classes, object encapsulation, etc.

• GUI Support: By utilizing PyQt5, PyQt4, Tk, or wxPython, developers can easily build GUI (Graphical User Interface) in python.

• Open Source: Since Python is an open source programming language, it is free to use. Developers can access the available source codes as per their requirements.

• Portable: The best feature of the Python programming language is that it is portable. For instance, if the code is written for Linux and you want to run it on another platform like Windows, you can do so without the need to change the entire code.

• Interpreted Language: Python code is implemented line by line at a time which makes it easier to debug the code.

• Standard Library: Python has a huge standard library that provides a useful set of modules and functions.


Both Node.JS and Python programming languages have their own set of unique features and functionality. You can choose the one that best suits your website development needs. Just make sure to focus on the end result that you want to achieve. Note down all the features of your product and how you want to execute them. Based on that, select a programming language that proves more practical to use.

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