Welcome iOS 11- What’s New for Developers

Updated on: 1 Mar, 2023

An innovative approach is one of the most powerful ways to survive in the highly competitive information technology domain where today’s technology becomes obsolete tomorrow. The Cupertino Company knows this fact very well, and therefore, it comes up with several innovative features accompanied with a seamless performance in every new variant of iOS. Take iOS 11 as an example: As the release date of this latest version comes near, we can expect the big makeover of the popular iPhone and iPad apps with the help of a few innovative features. Read on to know what the latest version of iOS brings for the developers.

Let’s start with a breaking news: The upcoming iOS 11 will not support 32-bit apps that result in obsolescence of around 2,00,000 apps on the App Store as per the estimate of an app marketing research firm Sensor Tower.

The latest iOS version will include improvements to Siri, Apple Pay, and camera features. But the big and noticeable change for the users is brand new icons for the App Store, Maps, and the Clock in iOS 11. The direction indicator will also look bolder and bigger with more prominent route number in Maps. The Clock will get the second hand of yellow color instead of red.

What’s for developers in Apple’s kitty

An iOS 11 enables developers to develop more intelligent apps with Core ML. It empowers developers to use the power of machine learning. Also, the developers can offer incredible AR experience to the users with the all-new ARKit.

It’s easy to provide more immersive user experience with new multitasking features of iOS 11 like drag and drop for iPad, new Files app, camera APIs, Apple Music integration, and so on.

Let’s have a glimpse of some of the new, developer-friendly features offered by the new iOS 11:

Camera: Developers can now create custom depth filters for camera-based apps with the help of Depth Map API for Portrait Mode images.

SiriKit: Developers can readily display an app’s visual codes for users to scan with new lists and notes domain.

Drag-and-Drop: This useful feature can make multitasking easier especially for iPads as the users can quickly move text, images, and files from one app to another with this feature.

Files: Developers can give their apps an easy access to files across Apple and other third-party file systems using the Files app.

MusicKit: Music-related apps can integrate Apple Music playback, search and other features with MusicKit.

In brief, Apple has once again offered interesting and intelligent features to the developers in the latest iOS version. Now, the ball is in the developer’s court. It is fair to mention that Apple fanboys will certainly get more pleasant experience with the iOS 11 compatible applications.

At Ecosmob, our experienced iOS developers are all set to develop and deploy user-friendly and inventive apps using the latest version of an iOS platform.

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