Latest Web Development Trends 2023

Updated on: 14 Dec, 2022
Latest Web Development Trends

As you near the closure of the year, a forecast of the most trending web development trends makes a comeback on the coffee table. Consumer preferences and the state of market dynamics have the most influence on design trends, any web app development services provider will tell you drawing from their experience. The year 2022 was probably very satisfying for creative professionals, as users lapped up an experimental and wide array of designs.

From monochrome to extreme elements, it has been a treat to witness how users showered their acceptance and love. Going by the current wave, it appears some of those designs will linger in the trending list for 2023 as well.

We’ll take an in-depth look at the trends that may emerge in 2023 and how they are going to make a mark. Let’s dive in. 


Engaging a user is probably the toughest of the jobs. With unlimited choices, at any point in time, it only takes one distraction to close the tab. Microinteractions are aimed to capture the interest of even the most disinterested user by creating individual moments while interacting, using animations in the design elements. They act as a guide for intuitive interactions enhancing user engagement.  
Usually, microinteractions comprise:

  • User-led triggers: the user initiates action
  • System-led triggers: design software detects the user and initiates action
  • Rules: lays down guidelines for interactions to respond to a trigger
  • Loops and Modes: describes the conditions for microinteractions with meta-rules
  • Feedback: guides the user by giving appropriate feedback

Benefits of using microinteractions

With the growing focus on user experience, micro interactions have become integral and they are likely to stay in 2023. 

  1. Micro interactions are impactful to create visions and stories without actually a written word.  
  2. User-led interactions are both enriching and insightful for organizations.
  3. They subtly convey and communicate messages from the brand and assure users of an interactive and better experience, showing that the brand is listening. 

Use Case

E-commerce giant Amazon uses micro interactions to make the process iterative. As soon as the customer selects an item, the display shows the cart blink highlighting the number of goods added. If a customer toggles his mouse over the free delivery image, the micro bits change to reveal a slight movement of the box.          

3D illustrations and augmented reality

Another way to engage users in 2023 is likely to be 3D illustrations alongside augmented reality. The style has been grabbing users’ attention for the past two years and is set to stay longer in the top-ranking design list. The usability to play around imagery of real-life objects or carve a fictional design, the unlimited possibilities also make it one of the most favored forms by creatives.

Augmented reality fused web designs are set to add a touch of sci-fi as well as newness to the custom web app development services in 2023. It may not be easy to create, but hey, already the trend is catching up. The trend received a shot in the arm with WordPress VR, which allows uploading of these videos on the website.

Benefits of 3D illustrations and augmented reality

  • 3D illustrations and augmented reality create a memorable experience for users 
  • Augmented reality improves both user experience and is great for functionality too
  • Both 3D illustrations and augmented reality create a sense of personalized experiences

Use Case

The fashion and retail industry has experimented successfully with AR and 3D illustrations in website design in recent years. Garnier allows users to pick the right hair color using augmented reality through its website. 

Using video or slides

In the hustle-bustle of today, videos and visuals are some of the most creative ways to reach your audience with quick and digestible nuggets of information. Video reviews or product information are one of the most-watched categories by shoppers before making any valuable purchase. The boom is also fuelled by short-form online content portals where users upload their experience and reviews for a particular product or a service.

Benefits of video or slides on the website

  • Showcasing relatable and practical examples inspire purchase
  • Ability to pack a lot of information in a visually appealing manner
  • Optimization of the portal as per the trends

Use case

US-based company Osso VR uses video on its homepage to effectively convey how its virtual reality-based surgical training and assessment platform works. As soon as you open the website the detailed video outlines the way its intricate products make surgical processes simple. The videos and micro animations highlight the efficiency as well as feedback from surgeons who have used the techniques. 

Inspiring empathy

There can never be an overdose of sensitivity to convey you empathize you’re your customers, partners, and all stakeholders. Organizations that show they are willing to go the extra mile or simply understand what a customer is going through,  succeed in striking a chord with users. This emotion has found favor in website design too. Inspiring people to do more for the greater good through messaging and visuals along with background video and animations on the website is expected to remain solid in 2023.

Benefits of using empathy inspired design for website

  • Generating positive thinking and goodwill
  • Build a long-term relationship by evoking emotional connect
  • Boosts brand image across product or service lines

Use Case

Search engine Google carries the emotional messaging through its Google Maps product line under what is called – Local Guides. Users are encouraged to help others by becoming part of the community of explorers who write reviews, share photos, answer questions and do much more. 

“Local Guides are not paid nor may Local Guides earn money for their contributions, per our program rules. The Local Guides program is for individuals who contribute to Google Maps who like to help others to discover and explore their world. But they can earn other benefits like early access to new Google products,” as per Google.

This is a great example of seeking users’ help to enhance a product by evoking the feeling of a shared good. 


The new-age visual illusion form created by scroll is one of the contenders for 2023. The promise of immediate engagement by drawing a user to initiate action with horizontal scrolling, scroll telling, and scroll animations is encouraging more creatives to take the plunge. Users dwell over the website, intrigued to explore more as the “live” feeling captures their attention. Parallax scrolling is also a popular way to engage visitors with background design moving slower than the foreground. 

Benefits of using scrolling in website design

  • Provides a speedy and engaging way to present information, much faster than clicking
  • No upfront decision making is required by the user as sometimes the visitor may not be motivated to click or know what to click
  • Mobile and touch screen friendly makes it a go-to custom web app development services design for effective engagement across devices

Use Case

Iconic car maker Porsche has designed a single-page website to show the evolution of its car designs since early 1875. Users can check out the various car designs and the transformations that have taken place over decades.  The navigation of the page is through Parallax creating a slide-like effect.

Simple and asymmetric 

After following the age-old practice of geometric designs and complex shapes, creatives tried to break the mold using simple, organic, and asymmetric styles. Designers step out of their comfort zone of the grid system user interface. It gives a sense of calm, peace and merges well with the background giving an organic feel with intuitive navigation. The most important information is neatly presented upfront, which immediately gathers attention.  

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Benefits of using simple and asymmetric website designs

  • Helps in creating interesting and dynamic layouts
  • Takes user’s attention on individual objects
  • Facilitates better scanning with a simple layout

Use Case

File hosting service Dropbox makes use of asymmetry in its website. The company subtly directs the user by showing points of focus. The asymmetry creates a clean space for easily detecting the focal points. One part of the website design is static while the other uses micro animations to outline the display of various features across devices.

Now that you are versed with the website trends that are likely to create more buzz in 2023. Let’s take a look at the tools in the armor of web application development services providers that will be used extensively. 

PWA apps

Progressive web applications (PWA) allow content to be viewed over browsers in mobile phones, changing dynamically as per the size of the device. 

Web Assembly Technology

WebAssembly is used by a web app development company when the customers want to use other programming languages rather than traditional JavaScript.  WebAssembly technology makes it possible by compiling everything into bytecode, which is made available via the browser.

These applications are widespread among the financial sector organizations who want an added layer of security on their portal. WebAssembly also helps to increase the pace of work on websites that have calculations and accounting features.

Serverless Technologies

Every organization is moving towards creating a flexible and agile design nowadays. Serverless technologies guarantee no overload and data loss, and easy discontinuation if the project is abandoned.


These web development trends are the path that you can take to build your web application. Often picking up suitable web application development company services becomes arduous.  However, if you keep a quick reference list handy to filter out from the list of top web development companies, it will feel less cumbersome.

  1. Use of available open-source tools 
  2. Well-rounded experience across programming 
  3. Prudent project timeline and schedule 

Selecting the trending website may not always guarantee success. It is better to learn from experience and go with a trusted web development services firm. With over decades of experience in custom web app development services, Ecosmob Technologies is well-paced to handle both simple and complex website designs. The team has expertise in a gamut of programming languages comprising Python, PHP, Zend, Joomla, Node.js, AngularJS, and WordPress among others.

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