VoIP App Development Firm Ecosmob at IT EXPO 2019, Florida

Updated on: 8 Nov, 2022

Ecosmob Technologies, a pioneer of VoIP software development solutions registered its significant presence and participation at the most awaited IT EXPO 2019 – held on Jan 29 -Feb 1, 2019, at Greater Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Ecosmob Co-Founder and CEO Mr. Maulik Shah seized each moment, with a magnificent volume of visitors and insightful meetings. Ecosmob Technologies, which provides expertise in Custom VoIP Solutions was the show-stealer on the aisle and captured many eye-balls for being successful and versatile at the IT EXPO along with the presenters.

This 28th edition of the IT EXPO 2019 technology exhibition awed us with an exquisite quality of service and courteous arrangement. We left with a scintillating experience witnessing more footfalls than last year.

This year we participated in many knowledge-sharing sessions showcasing the craft of Next-Gen Carrier and much more. These sessions were a few great learning points, such as SD-Wan, SBC, WebRTC & managed services; we thoroughly enjoyed the breathtaking content. IT Expo 2019 served as an excellent platform for trending technologies by industry-leading 

exhibitors and was visited by IT experts and business owners of VoIP app development organizations.

Value-Worthy Meetings

This time, we hit it hard – our visit to the leading annual Tech Expo. We had an overwhelming response at Ecosmob Booth #635; we attracted many notable visitors who praised and were intrigued by our expertise with VoIP software development solutions. With strong word of mouth, we spread the fire at our booth, where it was evident that visitors loved the concepts and Custom VoIP Solutions we were offering. With this, we look forward to many future projects and partners and numerous valuable networking meetings – an opportunity to meet many prospective future partners and clients.

“Hitting Hard @ IT Expo: Ecosmob being the expert in VoIP tailor-made Solution Development transforms businesses with a growth-oriented approach, showcasing futuristic apps and adaptive VoIP development services expertise, ultimately delivering high performance for enriching value addition to Disruptive Tide.”

New Channels of Success:

Sharing his IT EXPO 2019 experience, Co-Founder and CEO, of Ecosmob Technologies Pvt Ltd; Mr. Maulik Shah said, “ We have surpassed several initiatives this year collaborating with our milestone mobile app developed other than our much celebrated and notable VoIP development services by Ecosmob Technologies at IT EXPO. There is a fresh urgency to transform and diversify revenue verticals with VoIP Tech Experts. 

That’s where Ecosmob Technologies kicks in as we provide VoIP software development solutions that open new verticals and channels of success to help businesses focus more on their core functions.

Strengthening  Tech Solutions:

We partnered with a mobile app company in the USA as a brand new initiative, “Sharethatslide,” which was used at the IT EXPO venue; the app helps people see presentations while the speaker is giving the presentation. Also, users from any location can go back and catch up with some exciting segments, which can be shared with your partners and associates. Ecosmob is now not a strange name; rather it is well known as a credible and reputed tech company having exclusive expertise in VoIP software development solutions.

Wrap Up:

Yet another successful tryst with IT EXPO 2019, Ecosmob expresses a heart-warming Thank- you to all our fab visitors and prospects – We have made it possible and take the notch higher! This IT EXPO 2019 was genuinely generous, which helped us expand our footprints in the USA.

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