Outsourcing L1 and L2 IT Support – Challenges and Solutions

Updated on: 14 Dec, 2022
challenges and solutions while outsourcing l1 and l2 it support

IT support or a service desk is essential for the business organization. Nearly all business organizations use technology to connect with customers. If any issue occurs within the technical infrastructure, your service accessibility to the businesses can go downhill. A technical support team can be provided to customers only when they report an IT issue. However, many customers need help in hiring L1 L2 support specialists. Continue reading this blog to learn about customers’ challenges while hiring L1 L2 IT Help Desk support specialists. Additionally, it discusses the advantages of outsourcing IT help desk support.

Critical Challenges in Hiring L1 L2 Support & How to Deal With Them

It is crucial and essential for every organization to divide support jobs among employees at various levels for various reasons. It helps to provide adequate customer service, resolve problems quickly, assist personnel, and enhance employee training. Hiring L1 L2 IT Help Desk Support is complex. Let’s quickly review those difficulties. Here are some common issues that hiring managers frequently encounter when trying to find L1 L2 support specialists for the IT help desk.

Mentioning Your Requirements to the Right Agencies

The first and foremost thing one must do before hiring L1 L2 support specialists is to obtain the perfect agent to recruit these people. Telling the recruitment companies precisely what you are searching for is incredibly important. You likely have various options and choices to select from, but you’ve to focus on those that fit your requirements and needs. Before doing all this, you should first locate a company that understands and respects your needs and helps you obtain through with that.

Not enough Knowledge and Expertise in L1 L2 Support Specialists

The engineers you hire for L1 L2 IT help desk support at the very first two levels might only manage to solve the primary issues and concerns with which employees and customers. Hence you can’t afford to prevent the second level. You may even need to hire a Level 3 team that may handle complex issues that the  L1  L2 support specialists cannot.

High Expenditures

It is not necessarily physically feasible for HR to try to choose the best number of people. So, they turn to recruitment agencies for help, which only helps us as we pay, and sometimes the expenses could be too high. If you believe the spending and expenditures end once you spend the recruiter their fees, you need to be correct. The costs continue and on. When you hire employees, you must purchase their welfare, safety, security, and proper wages. If you decide to hire L1 L2 IT support specialists for the technical support help desk; you will have to deal with these difficulties and high prices.

Selecting candidates with confidence who are reliable and credible

The most important of all is this. Customer support won’t increase if unreliable candidates and engineers are not selected. A business cannot afford for engineers to be inefficient, and it cannot accept the risk of hiring incompetent engineers. As a result, you need L1 L2 support specialists who are capable and accountable. Ultimately, the responsibility can fall on you if you do not choose the appropriate people.

Lack of technical knowledge and experience

Although L1 L2 support specialists help address the most common user and customer issues, handling an unusual or brand-new technical case might occasionally be challenging. It might occur due to a lack of technical knowledge, a poor approach to problem-solving, or a bad experience. In this case, your only choice is to escalate the issue to the L3 level or enlist the help of an outside resource who has more knowledge and experience.

Hiring L1 L2 support specialists takes a lot of time

It takes time to hire L1 L2 support specialists. After posting a demand, you might notice a multitude of job seekers at your gate. However, it takes time and a great deal of hiring skills to screen them, interview them, have many interview rounds, and finally shortlist them. It becomes difficult, especially when you need to hire for a project but need more time.

Floating the necessity of hiring L1 L2 support specialists and allocating resources

Finding the best recruitment agencies to engage with and floating out your requirements is the first obstacle in hiring tech support personnel. Choosing the best hiring partner could be difficult and time-consuming with so many alternatives. Another problem is locating a business that comprehends your hiring requirements and has an extensive recruitment network to assist you in bringing the ideal personnel on board.

So, comprehensive L1 L2 technical support is essential since it makes solving current issues more accessible and practical. It can be easier to complete the task if there are groups of persons with various levels of competence. Let’s discuss the perceptions of Outsourcing Your L1 and L2 IT Help Desk support.

Hire Dedicated L1/L2 Support Specialists

Reasons for Outsourcing Your L1 L2 IT Help Desk Support

Outsourcing resolves all the challenges in hiring L1 L2 specialists. Here are a few reasons many businesses have cited for choosing outsourced L1 L2 IT help desk services. These long-term advantages reduce the cost of staffing the help desk, provide access to a broader range of knowledge, and shorten the hiring process.

Reduced Costs

Money is frequently the essential driving force in decision-making, whether or not companies like to recognize it. By switching to an outside provider of L1 L2 IT help desk support, your business can save money through higher employee and, most crucially, IT staff productivity.

All your employees can access L1 L2 IT help desk support provided by quality outsourced IT services for problem-solving and user inquiries. As a result of the easy access to assistance and the fact that IT staff won’t have to divert time from their full responsibilities, all of your employees remain productive.

Quick Response Time

Teams who provide L1 L2 support specialists for outsourced help desks utilize various methods to handle issues quickly. For instance, remote access enables support staff to take over a user’s PC and resolve any problems as soon as the user places a call. A service level agreement will also be part of an outsourcing agreement; if the supplier doesn’t fulfill expectations, you can hold them financially accountable. Additionally, you will have access to all the information required to evaluate supplier performance.


Employees of L1 L2 IThelp desk support organizations frequently handle many businesses. You, therefore, only need to look for resources if your need is exceptional. Except for outsourcing fees, you can benefit from infrastructure and support that is always available.

24/7 Technical Assistance

With an internal team, 24-hour L1 L2 IT help desk support services might need to be practicable or economically feasible. To keep the help desk engine operating at night and even when there aren’t many users around, you must pay night shift charges, allowances, etc., and overhead expenditures.

Access to Extensive knowledge and skilled resources

Expertise is constrained if your internal team handles the L1 L2 IT help desk. In contrast, IT support organizations have access to a pool of knowledgeable, highly experienced individuals who can quickly and reasonably solve complicated issues. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about inaccurate and delayed solutions while dealing with inadequate L1 L2 IT support expertise.

Staff Management

Hiring individuals is easy when outsourcing help desk support. Your L1 L2 IT help desk support provider completes your work according to what’s best for your company and your corporate culture. Professional vendors usually have SMEs ready to go if they need to hire someone new or fire someone. Your help desk has the necessary resources to deal with emergencies and provide a solution as soon as possible.

Wrapping Up

IT support services are managed far more cost-effectively by an outsourced company. Internal teams can take significant resources from far more worthwhile endeavors, which are expensive and ineffective to maintain over time. Get in touch immediately to learn more about Ecosmob services and solutions and how we can support your company.

With its experience, advanced skill set, and commitment to ongoing improvement, Ecosmob stands out as a superior option to most IT support businesses. The company helps you to hire L1 L2 IT help desk support specialists who leave no stone unturned while delivering the best customer care and prompt resolutions for L1 and L2 technical concerns. It can help you save costs and time and relieve you from the operational challenges of IT support.

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